EVENT | SuperCar Sunday

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Posted on September 15, 2014


We love all cars here at Autolifers, and try to attend as many events as possible. When we heard about Super Car Sunday, our ears instantly perked up.  Not just for the sound of the Super Cars, but the general idea of the whole event. Picture some of the finest Super Cars, add some of the fastest road-legal Tuned cars, auction off passenger runs, and watch them hitting the open road… all ‘legally’ of course!

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EVENT | BTCC 2014 @ Knockhill

Posted on September 12, 2014


I’ll be honest, I never followed any kind of motorsports, not even Formula 1. However I must say, as an Autolifer, I’ve always enjoyed being around cars regardless and going to car events, be it at static meets, cruises, track days or drift days. A few weeks ago a friend invited me to go to Knockhill racing circuit to watch the BTCC, and I said why not? I had the chance to occasionally watch some BTCC races on TV and frankly I didn’t fall in love with it. Although it’s fast cars, so I just went and I don’t regret it at all. It’s probably like when people compare films to books: the book is always more detailed. So obviously was watching the BTCC in real life. It was fantastic. The sound of those 2 litre turbo charged 300hp engines was remarkable: not too raspy but still very loud, especially if you were standing on the side of the exhaust, as the BTCC cars seem to all have side exhausts.

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EVENT | Edition38

Posted on September 9, 2014

Just two weekends back I spent a little time down in the south of England in Northampton, after eagerly awaiting the second instalment this year from the guys at Edition38. This is the 14th year of the Edition38 show and shine and it’s known the world over as one of the premier shows in the VAG calendar. With that in mind, it attracts the best, strangest and most off the wall VAG cars around. Edition38 is one of the very few remaining, true all VAG car shows and if that’s what you are into then this is the show for you.

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