This is probably going to be the most difficult review of the 50.Cal range, not because the product is difficult to use, but only because its so difficult to show the results. The instructions to use are pretty straight forward, spray on, buff off with a microfibre cloth. Personally I prefer to use 2 cloths, 1 for most of the buffing and then a clean one to get that last buff with a dry cloth.


As with any spray bottle, test the spray before you start applying it to the surface. I like to keep the mist as light as possible, I find I get a nice coverage without wasting it. As per the instructions 2-3 sprays per window is more than enough.


After cleaning the rear (which have a factory tint) the result was almost mirror like.


While doing the inside of the windscreen I noticed my Defi gauges weren’t looking the cleanest. I gave them a quick going over with the microfibre that was still damp from the windscreen and they came up really well, considering they haven’t been cleaned in over 5 years.


I feel I should point out I had them in my old s14 all that time and only just fitted them to my Legacy just before Christmas. Its not that I have been using them with 5 years and not cleaned them….


This is before I cleaned the inside and outside of the drivers door window.


And after. Much cleaner!


This is my rear window before, it was generally pretty clean to start with, as rear windows usually are.


Here it is after a few sprays and a couple of swirls with the microfibre cloth.


Then after a full buff. Mmmmm Shiny!


The inside of the windscreen looking nice and grubby.


The outside was not much better.


Inside of the passenger side of the windscreen where the wiper passes.


Outside of the same view.


This is pretty much the same photo of the inside of the windscreen from the passenger side above.

All done and dusted, so to speak. I have to say the 50:50 Glass Cleaner was really easy to use. Even now, a week later the window are still nice and shiny, that includes a nice long shopping trip of 150km on back roads over this weekend. Finally, I have to ask everyone for their forgiveness and their trust when it comes to this review. Glass cleaner is very hard to demonstrate on windows that have normal layers of dirt, grim and grease on them. Sure I could have gone and destroyed the windows to give an amazing before and after but that’s not what the review was about.
Words & Photos: Martin Cunningham