AUTOLIFER | Fiona Wyse


Growing up in Bray was rather amusing back in the day; my father conducted his second hand car business from his garage beside the house. As a result , all the kids on the road used to think we were ever so posh as we had several cars always parked in the garden much to our neighbours delight! Sadly there is nothing posh about a couple of Austin Metros being parked in your driveway, a couple of Metro 6R4’s would have been a lot more desirable!


The most exotic it got was a Datsun 160J coupe; I think that’s where I developed my fondness for yellow cars, Dakar Yellow on a BMW E36 being one of my favourites. Our family never owned any cars to write home about; to this day my Father still doesn’t understand why I hemorrhage money one cars. It’s a terrible addiction and one I have no plans on ever seeking help with. It’s only now since I have gotten into drifting that I realise the cool cars I have come into contact with over the years. Had I of known then what I know now I would have saved them all from the scrap heap!

Retro Stock Day

I was horrified when my dad told me that used to roll Daihatsu Charmant’s and BMW E30’s into the old dump in Fassaroe. Whilst my own E30 has broken my heart, broken other people’s hearts, broken my wallet and caused me to question my sanity on numerous occasions I still couldn’t roll her into a dump, she is my one true love and when she is driving well the world is a happy place!


Anyway, fast forward a couple of years, a few dodgy haircuts and a recession, I am now fully immersed in the world of drifting.

IDC Fermoy

I will be brutally honest, I didn’t even know what drifting was 2 years ago let alone how to take a panning shot on a camera. A very lively young man (there is always a man involved!) plucked me from my sheltered existence and introduced me to this strange and wonderful world.

IDC Mondello

I can’t quite quantify the buzz you get from shooting a drifting event; it’s pretty much up there with having unlimited quantities of jelly and ice cream and extra sprinkles without having to negotiate your vegetables first!!

IDC Punchestown

So with that, I shall bid you farewell until my next typing test is due…… Apparently I was hired to bring a bit glamour and a feminine touch to the team, I am not quite so sure about that but I will certainly have some sun cream and lip gloss on hand should anybody be in need!
Words & Photos: Fiona Wyse