About time for an update on the 86 I think..

Steady progress has been made with a bunch of small but important bits getting made and installed.

I have focused my attention on getting it running for the first time. This started in the form of dropping the engine in and then creating a full custom wiring loom for the engine that will hook up to the Megasquirt ECU.

Next up was to fabricate the exhaust manifold. I was set on having a low mount setup, and being there was nothing cheap enough off the shelf I decided to give it a crack myself.

I went and got some steam pipe bends and straight and started off by making the collector and then had that mocked up in the engine bay with the Turbo attached to get a rough idea on where it would sit. From there I created each runner one by one and welded them all up. Came out pretty decent for a first attempt!

Here is a small clip on finishing up the Manifold, port matching it and then painting and installing it.

The next night was spent making up the Intercooler piping, and creating the bracket to hold the Intercooler and Radiator. Big thanks to my “Old Man” for creating the brackets for me.

The first start was not that straight forward.. I struggled for a few days trying to get it to fire. It sounded like it wanted to but would just make pop and fart noises. I then started to look over the engine again and found that the guy that assembled the engine had put the exhaust cam in 180 degrees out…

He went and used the first notch in the cam wheel not the second.. (Luckily the 4age is non-interference….) Once that was changed guess what.. It fired right up (Strange that…)

Here is a video of it running!

Now that it runs it was time to take it for its maiden voyage! This was short lived after I figured out from the funny noises the turbo was making that the turbo was not so healthy. On teardown of the turbo it was clearly broke, as the ball bearings came rolling out… The new cartridge is on its way and hopefully I will get it back together soon….

Stay tuned!
Words, Photos & Video: Derek Kaijser