Well where do i start…

My Name is Derek Kaijser, I’m from little old New Zealand and I am building/restoring a Toyota AE86 Trueno.

Im stoked to be able to share here my 86 build with you all of you on Autolifers!

First off I would like to direct you my Youtube Channel which has a Playlist dedicated to videos on the AE86. I try to do a video after a good block of work is complete, instead of videoing when doing the job and taking twice as long.

Channel Here


At this stage the 86 is just going to be a weekend car with the odd visit to a casual track-day.
It has a 4AGZE engine in it that will be paired with a T28 turbo from a S15 Silvia, to give it just that little more power than the standard 4AGE can produce. All running gear is still 86, with a 22-spline T50 and T-Series Differential. Power won’t be crazy in the beginning, with the main objective to just get it all running reliably and drive it.!

Here’s a quick overview in photos of how the AE86 has progressed so far.

It all started after I rescued it from a shed, where it was going to be used as a Drift Hack….
The guys I bought it off had changed out the Front Arms and Suspension for Silvia or similar parts. This made it look staunch but made running guards impossible and running any wider wheels a not happening thing.

They had also replaced the rear windows with perspex and chopped up the factory brake-line to cable for the Hydro Handbrake. So parts were needed, and quite a few of them at that..

Luckily NZ has a good community of 86 lovers and parts have been relatively easy to find.

I went and took the parts that were left on it off, and stripped back the engine bay and interior.

These were both sprayed with a rattle can, Gloss black. This gave it a very tacky look and screamed rough… So I decided to spray these both with some Resene Durepox Primer white..
I am very happy with the outcome of this paint, it’s a very hardy paint and because its a primer and top coat in one it doesn’t require much effort to get it looking nice.

Along with the the engine bay getting sprayed white, I also got some Black Durepox and sprayed all the Arms, Braces, and other suspension bits.


After repairing the Rust in the Rear, which included a new Spare wheel well, rust repair around the fuel flap and new sections below the lights, it was underseal time. I cleaned the underside, removed dings and scratches that were there and sprayed it all in some Septone Rust Preventative underseal.

Its still far from finished, but it is getting there.!Im now onto getting the wiring sorted, and plumbing it up to hopefully start it soon.

Keep your eyes on the Channel for a First Startup Video.

Words & Photos: Derek Kaijser