AWARDS | Best Stance 2013


The Voting is now closed. The winner has been announced here!

Time for this weeks awards. This time its the Best Stance cars from the year. Check out the entrants below.

All you’ve got to do is decide on your favourite car and vote in the poll at the bottom of the page. If you want to check back over the feature just click on the image of the car to see it. Once you’ve voted, share it out and lets get as many votes as we can. The winner will then be announced next Sunday at 3pm.
Autolifers-Volkswagen-Golf-Hydro-MkVI-16LIMELIGHT | Neeraj Sharma’s Hydro MarkVI Golf
Autolifers-Honda-Prelude-Hydraulics-12TORCHLIGHT | Phil Guiney’s Juiced ‘lude
Autolifers-Porsche-964-Hydraulics-Peden-7LIMELIGHT | Peden Conceptz’ Porsche 964
Autolifers-Alfa-Hydraulics-Peden-4TORCHLIGHT | John Peden’s Juiced Alfa 156
Autolifers_Martin_Dawson_180sx_01LIMELIGHT | Andrew Dawson’s Stanced 180SX
Autolifers-Ford-Fiesta-Hydro-1TORCHLIGHT | Christopher Darragh’s Juiced Fiesta
Autolifers-Mercedes-w201-190D-7TORCHLIGHT | Stuart Cargill’s W201 Mercedes 190
Autolifers-s2000-s2k-stanced-slammed-showerks-13LIMELIGHT | Bob Kennedy’s Stanced S2000
Autolifers_John_Derek_Cheshire_MK2_Golf-5LIMELIGHT | Derek Cheshire’s MkII Golf 20vT
Autolifers-Peugeot-306-hydraulics-fitment-slammed-borbet-stanced-1TORCHLIGHT | Owen Maguire’s Juiced 306
022 (2)LIMELIGHT | Ivy the VW Beetle

The Voting is now closed. The winner has been announced here!

Words: Martin Cunningham
Photos: Martin Cunningham, Patrick McCullagh, John Moag & Reinis Babrovskis