BEST RETRO | …and the winner is??

Best Retro 1

The glorious Supercharged VR6 engined MkI Volkswagen Golf belonging to the Darren Deasy.
This MkI took 53% of the votes to win Best Retro car featured on Autolifers for 2013. The car was originally shot by Martin and I remember the entire Autolifers team being very excited about featuring it. What we really loved about this car is that it had all the Retro coolness in the shape of a MkI Golf but it has a heck of a punch coming with it in the shape of the beautifully sounding VR6 and if that wasn’t enough a supercharger lobbed in to the mix as well. Check out the full feature here: LIMELIGHT | Darren Deasy’s Supercharged VR6 VW Golf Mk1
2nd: Triple Threat Escort MkI – 18%
3rd: Toyota Corolla KE70 Wagon – 16%
4th: Selby Daytona Coupe – 6%
5th: Mini Cooper S Works Replica – 5%
6th: MGB GT – 1%