BEST STANCE | …and the winner is??


This weeks winner is Bob Kennedy’s gorgeous S2000 taking an impressive 40.7% of the vote.
I shot this during the summer on a beautiful day up by the Harland and Wolff dock yards. It could not have suited the car better, tt looks like it was plucked right out of the West Coast. It sits just about perfectly on those CCW Classics. Check out the full feature here: LIMELIGHT | Bob Kennedy’s Stanced S2000.
Thanks to everyone who voted. Our next poll is up at 6pm – Who will win the Best Street 2013?? Get voting!
1st: Bob Kennedy’s Stanced S2000 – 40.7%
2nd: Derek Cheshire’s MkII Golf 20vT – 12.1%
3rd: Neeraj Sharma’s Hydro MarkVI Golf – 11.0%
4th: Peden Conceptz’ Porsche 964 – 6.6%
5th: Andrew Dawson’s Stanced 180SX – 5.5%
6th: Ivy the VW Beetle – 5.5%
7th: John Peden’s Juiced Alfa 156 – 4.4%
8th: Owen Maguire’s Juiced 306 – 4.4%
9th: Christopher Darragh’s Juiced Fiesta – 3.3%
10th: Phil Guiney’s Juiced ‘lude – 3.3%
11th: Stuart Cargill’s W201 Mercedes 190 – 3.3%