This one has been a long time coming. Now the event was only last Saturday but I have been talking about going to 86fest for years! So I jumped into my car and drove the 3 1/2 hours from Las Vegas with no radio and only the voice in my head for company. Why was I excited to go to 86fest? I harp on about being in love with Lancer Evo’s etc but ever since I met Chris Gray and shot his AE86 back in the day (coincidentally 5 years ago to the day and also ironically for MotorMavens whose founder is also the 86fest organizer – Antonio Alvendia). I have become a massive fan of the AE86 and consequently also of the FT86 platform whether it be a FRS/BRZ or the GT86.



Above is the awesome 14R60 TRD GT86 that was brought in from Japan especially for the show. Number 55/100.


I was really excited to see some nice examples of the AE86 and the first one that caught my eye was this Trueno hatch sitting on some SSR Mk3’s with orange centers. Very simple, Very cool!



You couldn’t miss this even if you tried. This Rocket Bunny’d FRS looked superb in the California sun and those SSR Professor SP1’s are the ticket.




Tofu, Tofu, Tofu


Takumi made an appearance with his son… I’m assuming 😛



Turn14, one of the shows major supporters, had this awesome Pikes Peak Toyota 86 at its booth. The front aero looks great and of course completely functional especially when attacking the tortuous Pikes Peak Hillclimb.



Now to mention some of my Las Vegas 86 guys. Recently the guys have resurrected the NVhachi group which is awesome as it means I’ll have some 86 content for the site before too long, fingers crossed. I really had a soft spot for Myke Adams coupe that everyone is standing in front of in the pic above. Coincidently the lead image is also from Myke’s car with that awesome “EIGHTSIX” badge. The little details!




My absolute favorite car from the event was one I spotted on the AE86 World Facebook page in the middle of last week. I immediately messaged Chris Gray saying “What the fuuuuuuuarrrrkkk?!” Brad Swartz’s Trueno hatch scratches me where I itch. A wash with Impulse carbon fiber goodness and running those awesome Klutch KM16’s are just amazing!!! The Impulse N2 kit is so on point.




Now you know I wouldn’t go to a show without snapping some of the pretty ladies. I was really stoked to see and meet Amy Fay as I had seen her promo at event from articles and pics online. Stunning lady I am sure you’ll agree as where the other ladies too.


Track Slut


The Corolla Brotherhood


Much Wang


I really loved this SR20 (IIRC or maybe a 20v??) engined Trueno with its crazy wing and interesting hatch door. It was turned out really well and I just wanted to jump in and take it to the track!! So inviting!


Genuine GT40 was truly jaw dropping




Although they do share a connection it is obvious that the AE and FT 8/6’s are very different and for the most part those who drive them are quite different too. From looking around the show a lot of the FT platform cars where show cars sporting attention grabbing wheels and ridiculous lows. The AE’s on the other hand are for the most part track orientated , rough and ready pieces of kit. Don’t get me wrong there where some really stupidly clean Hachi Roku’s at the show too.



Remember I mentioned earlier the connection of having shot Chris Gray’s Corolla for 8/6 day 5 years ago for MotorMavens?? Well the paper disc in the window of Antonio Alvendia’s stunning Kouki Trueno is a parking permit like the one that is on Chris’ car too




I’ll finish up with actually the first photo I took in the parking lot upon my arrival to the show. Like I said in my introduction I have been talking about hitting 86Ffest for years because my love for both platforms has grown a lot especially for the AE. So usually when I develop this kind of connection and want for a car I do my utmost to make it happen and I have bought a project car that you guys will be seeing more of shortly here on Autolifers. I would like to thank Antonio and all the 86fest/Turn14 team for putting on a show like this dedicated to both the new and old 8/6 chassis. I can’t wait for #86fest6 and maybe my own AE might make it….. maybe.
Photos & Words: Patrick McCullagh