EVENT | Classic & Sports Car Show, Newcastle


Here at Autolifers we are made up of a team from many backgrounds. We have interests in all types of Automobile, from Tuned modern day cars, to Rally, Circuit, Drift cars, etc. One thing we all have in common though (even if we don’t realise it) is the ‘Automobile’ originated from the same place!  Every now and then we have to go back to our roots…with a Classic & Sports Car Show!

Slieve Donard Hotel Resort in Newcastle holds a Classic & Sports Car Show every year.  This is usually a very quiet time for the show season, but being in town, I thought I should attend.  It was a small but fun event, with some great cars on display!



Ford, Morris Minor, Buick, Mini.  Just a few names that come to mind when talking about Classic Cars. Granted my main interest is Japanese Cars, but it always started off with cars like this.  I still have a soft spot for an immaculate Ford Escort. Maybe someday!



MINI’s have always been loved at these shows. In my own family there have been a few, so it’s always nice to see a very clean example on show.  Good cars like this are getting harder and harder to find now, and come with a hefty price tag.  The Mini scene is also huge in Japan, with many beind imported into Japan for Collectors.


Many of these cars are VERY rare in Japan, some will never be seen there.  I’ll always enjoy a good look around the Ford Capri and Escorts.  Local shows like this are always fun for a good chat and making new friends or contacts in the Car scene!  It’s the fun and banter that make me attend.  Smaller events are great for relaxing and appreciating good times in the Autolife.


One of my favourite cars from this event was the Opel Ascona above! Beautifully presented, with a touch of Tuning and Racing modifications make it just my style. Cars like this make me realise just how much I love the 70’s. 80’s and early 90’s.


I’m not a HUGE vintage fan, but I really do enjoy admiring the styling and restorations.  Sometimes we have to look back to the past to learn more about the Autolife we live in today. We can learn alot by appreciating the design and builds from the pre 1950’s.



Even Mr.Bond showed up with his Aston Martin… Cars like this are always fun to see, especially for kids starting out in the Car scene.  Anything that gets kids interested and through the doors of a Car Show is great for the future Autolifers, so it was a good idea.


There’s just something very cool about the styling of this generation of Automobile, maybe it’s my interest in Hot-Rods, the body styling, lines, or just the history attached to many of them. If these cars could talk, there would be many great stories told!



This Buick model was one car I had to enjoy.  The 1920-30’s were some of the first real cars on our roads. It’s very interesting to admire the details on these cars, both inside and out. No rear lights needed back then, instead it had a small oil lantern. The firewall is made from solid wood, no doors, dashboard, etc… I could have spent all day talking to the owner about it!



The show wasn’t a big event, and was so tightly packed it was very difficult to photograph. However, the high standard of unique cars made up for it. This MG-KN chassis was a custom build with a 1934 Riley engine and Frazer Nash transmission. Body panels were custom designed and crafted from Aluminium by a local company in N.Ireland. Projects like this will always grab my attention and impress me and many other people worldwide. It was a fun day out with the locals, hopefully there will be more to come soon!
Words & Photos: Chris Gray