We are fast approaching the end of the third month of 2016 and it feels like the year has really only just begun. We have now officially entered spring time and after a long winter here in the UK, it couldn’t have came quick enough. The daily beaters have earned those 2 days off at the end of the week now, as many people up and down the country roll their pride and joy out of the garage. I found myself at my first meet of the year at the weekend and it made me realise just how much people had been up to behind closed garage doors over the winter.


The meet had been hosted by “Dropped UK” and, although intentionally small, the standard of cars which had come along was very high. Chris Coles, the founder of the group, usually has a huge turn out to his meets but decided to kick the season off with a small group of mates and some friendly banter.


“Dropped UK”, to put it briefly, is a group of mates who have a passion for stance and car culture. The group consists of both male and female members and welcome everyone with equal levels of OCD as them along to their meets. The vibe I get is they just want everyone to get along and meet new friends, have a great time, talk airbags, compressor pressures and arch gaps. We plan to do a full feature on the group at a later date, but for now we will get back to the meet!


The one thing I noticed was just how many people were running Air Ride suspension. Gone are the days of slamming your car on eBay coilovers, bags are relatively affordable now!


Chris Coles is the owner of this White Mk6 Golf and being a car painter to trade his paint was pretty immaculate. Lowered on airbags the rear Mercedes AMG VII’s tuck neatly under the rear fenders. I love the storm trooper styling he has going on !



You cant deny, even a bagged Subaru looks pretty nuts and just to be a bit controversial there was 2 there! With the development and technology in airbags these days, handling isn’t as much of a compromise as you’d be made to think!


Dorilabs made an appearance in their freshly built Zenki S14s. I’m praying they still look this good by the end of the drift season, but I have my doubts !


*insert ghost busters quote here”


There was even a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera there too!





The night was great and one Dropped UK should be proud of. I look forward to attending some more of these meets over the year. Be sure to check out the Dropped UK Facebook and Instagram Pages and stay tuned for a full write up of Dropped UK !

Dropped Uk – https://www.facebook.com/Slowlifescotland/
Dorilabs – https://www.facebook.com/DoriLabs/

Words & Photos: Arran Morrison