In Vegas we aren’t short of a few car meets to go to so it was of real interest when my friend Tyler Gallo told me about his idea for another car meet. I was initially a little skeptical but more fool me because I should have realized that when Tyler puts his mind to something he can pull it off… NO QUESTION! Before the first event had even taken place Tyler had already secured quite a number of partnerships for the meet that takes place in the South West of Las Vegas.

Amongst the partners for Las Vegas’ newest “Gathering of Enthusiasts” are Baguette Cafe (where the meet is located), AN&D Studios, SinCity BMW Club, Formula Autohaus, Mandarin Auto Club, EuroCycle Las Vegas and Yost Autosport whose awesome BMW M4 race car you can see above which you may have already spotted on Speedhunters this past week.

So I popped along to the event expecting myself, Tyler and a few other familiar faces to be the only people there but to my surprise, for a first event, there was a nice crowd and more importantly there was a great variety of cars there. Everything from a….

… Liberty Walk Nissan GTR slammed on air ride…

… to a beautiful brap brap brap FB Mazda RX7 and…

… these old skool American Hotrods (is that the right terminology??). The variety was very cool.

It was of course great to see a Corolla GTS at the event (it was 8/6 day too). Shout out to all the Hachi Roku brethren!

They say the car you drive says a lot about you and this Noble is trying to tell us about it’s owner… 😛

Can you tell what this beast from the east is…?

I hadn’t a clue but I am sure those of you who are JDM anorak’s probably guessed. It is indeed a Nissan Cedric. So cool seeing something so random at the meet. That is the great thing about car meets in the States, you just don’t know what will appear.

Love this little Datsun.

This bike was beautiful. Wish I took more time to photo the more intricate details.

Track inspired E36 BMW scratched me where I itched. So cool seeing something so raw as a street car. Can’t wait to get this AE86 of mine built!

My buddy Reginald Cunanan dropped by to show support in his Lancer Evolution X rocking those glorious WORK Wheels. Thanks for supporting dude, much appreciated!

This 7 series would be considered quite low right? 😛

Again it was impressive to see such a diverse group of cars at the meet. On a quiet Sunday morning it is just what the doctor ordered. All you have to do is drop by and…

…check out the cars and your other half can come chill inside Baguette Cafe and grab something from that menu – Olivier Brouillet and his staff will take care of you. Tell me that food doesn’t look tasty!
So if you’re at a loose end on a Sunday morning, and who isn’t?, drop by and be part of this new meet. I know that I’ll be there grabbing some shots and just enjoying the chilled vibe and amazing machinery.
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh
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Baguette Cafe
AN&D Studios
SinCity BMW Club
Formula Autohaus
Mandarin Auto Club
EuroCycle Las Vegas
Yost Autosport