Last week I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and came across a pic by one of the people I follow, the gorgeous Sonja Soun (pictured above with the equally lovely Kat Vee (@kat.vee), stating that Hot Import Nights was on and I thought to my self “Ah, this is probably happening somewhere in Cali…” and on further inspection it was not. It was happening in my home city of Las Vegas!! So I tried to apply for media only to find out registration had been closed 🙁 but I wouldn’t let a little thing like that deter me so I contacted the folks at HIN and was luckily granted access by Molly Truong who was especially helpful! So early on Friday evening I hauled a$$ to the Las Vegas Convention Center to grab my first experience of Hot Import Nights.



Hot Import Nights has been going since 1998 and is well known as one of the top automotive shows to attend in the U.S so I was pretty excited to see the class of car and also the beautiful HIN Import models. I had thought the event would have been a little larger but to be honest I wasn’t complaining as there where some really awesome cars on display. I think that maybe SEMA being located at the same venue didn’t help my thought process.




If you recall from last year I featured a stunning USDM Integra TypeR, since then the owner, Freddy Alcantar, has been busy modifying his awesome Acura TSX which he was displaying alongside the rest of his NvUS crew. Rich Dittmer who owns the Passat CC above won hottest VW at HIN. Well done Rich!




Adam Hatch’s latest generation Impreza looked particularly good. I love the matte finish to the bodywork on this car as the light just spreads around all the curves and that front end is just so aggressive looking. The HIN judges liked the car too with Adam taking away Best Subaru at HIN.



Sonja Soun (@sonjasoun) and Mecca Madison (@mecca_madison) were kind enough to come out and pose for me with a few cars. Sonja is a massive Lancer Evolution fan so it was only right we got a picture of her and Mecca with this awesome example.








One of my absolute favorite cars of the show. This very orange Honda S2000 belonging to Alfred Angelo Mortel (@aka_maldita_s2000) was stunning and I loved absolutely everything about it. I think Autolifers’ Reinis is going to have to get one of those Spoon Hard Tops… I mean just look at how “hard” this looks. Really very very difficult for me to pick between this and….




…the Get Nuts Lab 2JZ engined S14 that, from that rolling road graph, is putting out mucho horsepower-o! I normally do not like “strawberry faced” S-bodies but this S14 is damn sweet so I’m not even going to contemplate saying anything negative. When I think about it I would have to have this and the S2000 – one for the street and the other for the track. I’m glad I got that sorted out :P.


Christy Rios (@christypiink) made the Vavoline stand particularly welcoming. She won the Miss HIN Vegas title as well. Well done Christy!


How awesome is that Bike?? “Very” is the answer!!!





You have seen this MX5/Eunos/Miata on Autolifers before when I snapped it at Royal Origin’s Sin City Affair early last year but it did not have the ultra rare Pit Crew Racing front end conversion which might be a bit marmite for some. Personally? I love it!! I made a mistake last year in my report, which I don’t mind owning up to as I thought this car had a Ford engine conversion from looking at the rocker cover. Webster Gomez, whose Miata is featured in the photo below, informed me that the unit was used by both Ford and Mazda and this was just a replacement cover. So, there you have it you learn something new everyday.


Webster Gomez’s (@w3bb13) Miata that was featured by our very good friends over at Peachykeen


Stephanie Snyder (@steph_m_snyder) had the paparazzi following her all night



Hard to beat a NSX – this was located on the Valvoline stand


The delightful Kaylee Marie (@kayleemarie____) and Uraina Serna (@urainaserna) at HIN – I could get use to car shows like this ya know!



This stanced out, mega cambered Infiniti Q45 belonging to Seth Wynne (@seshween) was a hidden gem at HIN Las Vegas. Seth is a local guy who has been dreaming since he was a kid that one day he could have a car worthy of the show. Congrats dude, you made it!! Seth had to get his girlfriend, Lauren, to bring the car as he was stuck at work. You’ll remember Lauren as being the owner of that Evolution VIII I fell in love with last year! I asked her again would she sell it to me, she said “No” but you know what?, I am steadily wearing her down…..I think.




Another car to catch my eye was Ray Deleon’s (@raysir671) 95 Acura Integra 5-door with a K20a swap from the Lowballers crew. Imagine a 5-door Integra being this cool?! I didn’t think so either but Ray you’ve done it man!


I’ll finish up my post with this fine looking specimen that is the Liberty Walk M3 that now has been fitted with an Accuair system by owner Nick Glova (@djnickygs), yet another car featured by my buddy Tyler Gallo (@pkeenit) over at Peachykeen. Overall, I have to say I enjoyed the event and the standard of cars was very nice indeed and I had fun snapping the ladies too. The great thing about the show is a I discovered loads of cars I want to do features on. I’ll definitely be back for Hot Import Nights Las Vegas in 2016!!
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh
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