Deane V Colfer

Do you know when a new person comes into the circle of trust and you are not quite sure how to take them with their outlandish statements and talk of change?? But then after a while you kind of start to warm to them?

Luke Fink

Luke Fink

Luke Fink

Enter Luke Fink aka the Low Brain Drifters pilot for the weekend.

An unfortunate incident during Friday practice left him very much out of the competition but, as always in drifting we love a good romance story and true to form the legend that is Mark Gaffney, of MG Crash Repairs, along with some others stepped in to ensure that the Fink Fairytale continued.

Low Brain Drifters

Fink V Colfer

Nigel Colfer

Tomas Kiely

O Sullivan V Kiely

Well at least until Nigel Colfer and Tomas Kiely got their hands on him! Japspeed’s Shane O’ Sullivan also suffered at the hand of Tomas who really is quite focused despite his young age.

Sean Galvin

Anthony Galvin

Anthony Galvin

Sean Galvin

Sunday saw Sean Galvin’s first outing in the Pro category but sadly he was one of the first casualties of the new sudden death battles which have now replaced Super Lap. Brother Anthony fresh from his semi pro win on Saturday advanced as far as the great 8 before bowing out to Brian Egan in the Team Dealtwidth Skyline.

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy pushing his M5 Skyline to the limit with Brian Egan.

Danielle Murphy

Danielle Murphy warming up her tyres to give a lucky winner a passenger spin.

Adam O'Connor

Drifted’s Adam O’Connor waiting patiently for the Top 16 beauty parade… he is not that serious all the time!



The beautiful as ever IDC babes Maura Higgins and Alison Cullinan getting ready to hand out the silverware and bubbles.

Jack Shanahan

Conlan V Shanahan

Paul Conlan

Paul Conlan

Jack Shanahan was in attendance fresh from his win last week at the British Drift Championship and was intent on making things difficult for Paul Conlan. Drift-rallying anybody???

Wesley Keating

James Deane

Mike Fitz

Wesley Keating and James Deane enjoying a spin in their own cars however it was a different story for Team Hankook.

Walsh V Fitz

Walsh V Fitz

With both cars not yet ready for the trip to Mondello, Wayne Curran and Trevor McInerney kindly stepped in to provide rental cars for the day. I wish I could have seen the look on their faces as their cars went airbourne!!

Lopez V Fink

Lopez V McCarthy

Lluis Lopez had so much fun last year in Ireland he decided to come back and see could he challenge our undeafted streak, sadly it was not to be but better luck next time! Oh and bring some sunshine with you again please!

Brian Lenihan

Fink V Lenihan

Alan Lenihan nearly had the win of the day in taking down Luke Fink, the first run was amazing but like the commentators said Mr Fink can be very unpredictable and Lenihan was shown no mercy in the second run.

McCarthy V Quinn

John McCarthy

Keating V McCarthy

Kevin Quinn didn’t really stand a chance against the mighty JP McCarthy but to have even made it to the Sunday was an achievement in itself and one I am sure he is very proud of. John and Wesley Keating again had to dice with each other in a replica battle of last years opener.

Colfer V Shanahan

Walsh & Colfer

Adrian Walsh and Nigel Colfer all calm and relaxed before battle commences.

Walsh V Colfer

Deane V Kiely

James Deane giving Tomas Kiely an agricultural lesson, or else politely asking him to get out of the way I am not quite sure??

Colfer & Deane

Mammy Deane

Deane proved to be too much for Kiely and went onto the final with Colfer which resulted in the unstoppable Mr Deane taking home yet some more silverware to his Mammy much to her delight.

Tomas Kiely

One proud son, and one even prouder Irish Mammy!


Your winners of IDC Round 1 2015
1. James Deane
2. Nigel Colfer
3. Tomas Kiely

The end!

Thanks for reading folks, we are back with our next instalment in June when the IDC presents indoor drifting for the first time ever in Ireland in the Green Glens arena, Millstreet in Cork, excited much!!??
Fi Wyse