Another Saturday in Mondello, and dare I say a sunny one at that, and another set of new faces to grace the podium after the days activities!




This Starlet has to be one of the more entertaining cars on track this season, can’t imagine it would be easy to drift such a little machine around a sweeping track like Mondello but it’s a sight to behold!




Shaun Watt had an unfortunate incident with the wall quite early on in the day however the trusty E36 survived and may I add looks quite aggressive in it’s half naked state!




Richy O Neil in his smoke machine, no matter how hard I try it’s impossible to get any picture to convey how sweet this car looks when she leaves a trail of destruction behind her!




Kevin Kindregan out for a leisurely spin fresh from his victory alongside Niall Whelan who was on fire this weekend with some extremely aggressive driving most notably against Seamus Walsh owner of Moose Designs.



Danielle Murphy getting into the spirit of the 4th of July with some stars and stripes to compliment the Green Monster.




One fan wanted to make it very clear who was getting their vote this weekend! And vote he did get – congratulations to James Deane on taking the win at Drift Allstars followed along with Nigel Colfer in second position.




Andrew Kenna was trusted to take the reins of Paul Murphy’s M5Skyline this weekend making his return to competitive drifting for the first time in 3 years, he might have broken something on it last weekend but lets not mention that right Andrew!!!



Chuck Geary.

Always the last man standing in the Green Isle on a Saturday night.

Proud owner of the Most Disruptive Driver of The Year award from Kieran Hynes at the IDC Awards Night.

One of the founding members of pretty much one of the funniest drift teams I have ever encountered since I started doing this drifting lark.



And well after nearly 5 years of trying, failing, drinking, trying, failing, drinking he is now quite deservedly your IDC Rd 3 winner. This has been a long time coming and his driving this weekend even prompted Robbie Nashida to mention him from the tower yesterday evening!


So your winners are:

1. Chucky Geary
2. Gary Dunne
3. Anthony Galvin

Thanks for reading everybody, Global Warfare coverage is coming soon!
Words & Photos: Fiona Wyse