EVENT | Jumpstart 2014


Jumpstart 2014 was set in a nice little village called Loughmore, between Thurles and Templemore. The event was organised by Carbs And Chrome. I said since it wasn’t too far away and I was off I might as well head along. Next thing was to try and get a drive there, cheers Ronan!!

We had just arrived and parked up when this gorgeous Beetle drove passed and headed down to the bridge, needless to say I followed it straight down and got a few photos of it. Good thing I did as well as every time I went near it after that the was a crowd around it.


This is the front of that Beetle from above, I would say its one of the cars of the show for me but there were so many that I loved it was hard to pick on out.


The BodgeRod, it definitely split opinions on the day. I’ll have a lot more on this during the week.


This was a really cool, low slung looking car, the paint wasn’t perfect but the look more than made up for it.


A nice original looking Beetle, bloack just seems to work really well on them, no matter the year.


A very cool Cal style bug with a lot of character/patina. This style keeps the car looking tatty but keeps it solid and functionally perfect. I really like the flying VW badge on the bonnet of this one.


Another one that could have been car of the show for me. It’s pink and chrome but it just works.


I think if pushed to the limit, as much as I loved the Cal look bugs, this one for me took it. Its so original yet still has so much done. I love it!


This is as far as you can get from the black one. There’s almost nothing left stock on it.


The Karmann Ghia came out in 54, based on the Beetle but looking nothing like it. Can you just image what one of these must have looked like in 54 compared to other cars on the road at that time?



The early vans/buses are known as splitties, for a pretty obvious reason that the front windscreen is split in half. These are getting extremely rare and extremely expensive now.


Something you don’t see very often in the pick up bay window, this one may not be in mint condition but it still does look pretty cool.


Another rare sight are the vans, usually its campers and buses that end up with all the love.



Back to the more common sight, the bay window bus.



And of course the camper, my personal favourite as my family had one when I was growing up.


This camper has been seen on here before back in August last year at VAGE 11, its running a V6 TDI. The Beetle behind it I know nothing about, except its got Porsche wheels and brakes, along with Boxster S seats. Interesting.


The watercooled VW are a little out of the norm at these shows, this MK1 Golf may have heard of using a clothes hanger for an aerial, I think they might have copped that a plastic one may not work as well as a metal one…


This gorgeous and heavily modified MK1 GTi “Plus” was my mode of transport for the day. There are a few more changes to be made but once complete it will be getting a nice feature. Keep an eye out for it!



That just about wraps it up, the only thing I have left really is the “People’s Choice Award”. This gorgeous, very original 1963 Beetle took the car of the show as voted for by the folks in attendance.
This might have been my first time at Jumpstart but I can guarantee if its run again next year, and with 106 entrants this year I see no reason that it won’t, I will be at it again. At some time way down the line I might even have my own aircooled bus at it.
Words & Photos: Martin Cunningham