If you have been following Autolifers over the past few months you will, no doubt, the serious uptake in AE86 content on the site as I am in the midst of a full build of said car. In Nevada a small group of automotive enthusiasts is steadily growing, NVHachi.

NVHachi has seen a resurgence in the last number of years thanks to Myke Adams (whose Trueno 20v I featured last year – click here) and Terry Lin. Myke takes up the story “NVHachi was actually started in the early to mid 2000’s by a young man called Phil Pillera. It had a decent following, but always a hassle to get the guys to come out. I’d say it died out with Phil moving away and stopping the actual NVHachi forum page in 2009. I met Terry when he picked up a blue GTS hatch that I knew of from an old build thread. I had just got a Corolla again and noticed there wasn’t any groups anywhere for local Corollas. I would tell Terry about the “golden age” of local Corollas and he suggested we bring it back. I got with Phil and he blessed the rebirth. The rest is basically me and Terry finding everyone and getting us all together!”

Jason and his awesome FD RX7

Myke is also an integral part of Garage86 along with Jason Luong. Again I’ll leave Myke to tell you about it. “Garage86 actually started as a joke. I always joked about having a Corolla shop for Vegas and America because there just aren’t that many or any close to us. I had a lot of problems with people ripping me off or just ignorant to Corolla things and got fed up with it. My brother Randahl and I worked on my car and learned a lot. Jason had been looking at places to start a business and told me one day that he found a good location for a shop if I wanted to go through with my idea. I decided in that 5 seconds that I would do it no matter what. I don’t want to make a ton of money, I just want to work on Corollas and learn as much as possible.”

It was cool seeing everyone together but Guapo was the highlight… look at that face!!!!

I of course arrived down in the Fiat 500 and parked suitably far enough away not to get in the way of anyone. Over the course of the early evening various old skool Japanese cars rumbled by. From this sick looking Cressida…

…to a very cool Celica (that’s pronounced Se-leek-a not Sell-a-ka 😛 )… Basically even though NVHachi is primarily for those AE86 drivers it welcomes all the old skool Toyota’s…

…with an S-body or two thrown in for good measure. However this is a AE86/4AG so without further a do…

Jerry Acosta’s AE86 Trueno had been off the road for a while and Garage86 came to the rescue!

It really is just an AE86 World

The public face of NVHachi – I give you, Milton Navarro

Milton asked for help – Guapo obliged

The meet got a really great crowd it has to be said making it a real family affair with kids running around, the barbecue on the go. Just a very friendly atmosphere… exactly how it should be!

Safety is always a priority at a NVHachi meet 😐 haha

This Guy! 😛

Over the past few months it seems more and more Corollas are appearing out of the wood work and myself and Greg King are still working on ours. With events like this it is sure to grow so if your an AE86 or old skool Toyota owner make sure to hit up NVHachi and Garage86 in Vegas. You’ll be made more than welcome. When is the next meet guys??
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh
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