EVENT | PLAYERS 7.0 @ North Weald

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The Players show has been running for a few years now and has kept growing and growing. I had only heard about this show this year and I have no idea why I didn’t know about it before. The organisers have somehow managed to get any make, model, style, scene and group of car enthusiast all to one location and make a show that is unlike any I’ve been to in the UK in a long time.

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Leading up to a show I will always be checking the weather so I know what I need to pack camera wise. If it’s going to pour down with rain then I’ll pack waterproofs for myself and a waterproof cover for the camera as well. If it’s sunny then I get to pack some shorts and some sunglasses instead. The forecast for this event wasn’t looking too good so the shorts and sunglasses had to stay at home.

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When arriving at the show I was amazed at the sheer number and variety of cars on display, ranging all the way from VW Lupo’s right up to wide body R35 GTR’s and supercharged RS4’s.

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It turned out the weather was going to play nicely for most of the day with only a few spots of rain. This made it really nice to walk round without getting absolutely soaked, but that will come later. With the weather holding off it meant there was plenty of time to stroll around the cars outside. The GT86 just looks so perfect sitting low on some 18″ 3SDM 0.01 wheels.

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One of the cars of the show that really caught my eye was this MX5. Many people make the usual joke about it being a girly hairdressers car, but lets face it, we all wish our hairdressers were driving round in an MX5 like this one as it’s packing some serious amount of downforce.

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I’m yet to see a car that BBS LM’s don’t look good on and they look even better when they have been colour coded to the paintwork on this bagged Audi TT. There really is nothing else that is needed to make this car look any better.

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It’s not all about spending an absolute fortune of cash on your car to get it looking really good. A decent set of wheels like these Porsche split rims, a front splitter, black grill, smoked headlights and getting the car sitting lower can absolutely transform the appearance of a car. I do wonder what is hiding under that bonnet though.

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Can you say carbon fibre? If not then walk past this evo as it was draped in it. From a carbon bonnet, to carbon wings, carbon doors, carbon door cards, carbon splitter…that is a carbon overload and I loved it.

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A super clean and very tastefully done Honda Civic had this stunning engine bay along with my favourite material…carbon fibre.

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I am completely stumped on this one. A Transit van sitting on Bentley wheels. I just don’t know what else to say other than I never thought a Transit van could look this cool.

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A bottle opener on the back of a hot rod must be the best mod ever I think everyone will agree.

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When I was walking past this Mini Cooper S, the first thing that caught my eye was the colour coded headlight matched to the interior with a carbon fibre surround. When I got closer to the headlight, I was amazed to see it wasn’t colour coded but had actually been re-trimmed in the same fabric as the interior. Now that’s something I have never seen before.

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One thing many people I am friends with will know that I tend to get distracted quite easily. So now imagine me in a show full of amazing cars with lots of perfect paintwork, shiny chrome, detailed carbon fibre and stunning wheels, now you can imagine how much I was darting from car to car.
If you want to get something a little more sensible and you need to sell your sports car? Well do what this owner did. Buy a BMW 3-Series Touring and drop the running gear of an M3 into it along with the M3 front end and wheels. Where do I place my order?

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Mini Cooper S supercharged race car…nice.

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Carbon fibre roof rails. Now I think I have seen everything. A very smart modification done to perfection.

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I’m still completely gobsmacked by the sheer perfection in this engine bay. There’s not a single thing in the way, not a single speck of dirt. The colours all contrast well and the paintwork on the engine bay is better than most new cars rolling out of the factory.

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You can’t see it in this shot I’m afraid but there are some carbon fibre driveshafts in there.

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Super comfy re-trimmed Recaro’s looking pride of place.

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Panty Dropper……….Not sure what cars would actually make the panties drop but I’d guess a Lamborghini would be one of those cars.

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Rod Chong and Paddy McGrath were there doing some features for Speedhunters. They have a fantastic spot and were selling lots of Speedhunters merchandise.

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This Mini Cooper S was wearing a very nice set of CCW wheels along with some annodised aluminum wheel nuts.

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I can’t think of any other shows in the UK that sell potatoes, coffee and alcohol right next to an aircraft. That’s super cool in my eyes.

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This VW Caddy was grabbing loads of attention throughout the day and it’s caught my eye a few times. I attended a meet last night and was drawn back to this car again. A photo of that will be coming soon.

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This very clean R32 GTR Skyline has recently got back on the road and is running a decent chunk of power. I won’t go into many details now as I’ll hopefully be doing a full feature soon.

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I had fallen in love with this Toyota Aristo when it was first built but the owner has now changed the colour, wheels and a few other little bits. The work carried out by is simply amazing. The attention to detail is what makes their cars so flawless.
So there you have it, make sure that you get down to the next Players show at North Weald.
Words & Photos: Darren Thorndick