My SEMA article is fast becoming my most regular article on Autolifers – okay its once a year but it is almost a constant now. For the SEMA show it’s 50 years running strong and judging by the crowds and the buzz that surround the show it doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. On a personal note I am not that big a fan of car shows in general but SEMA is more than that. What you see here you will most likely not see anywhere else and certainly not on the sheer scale that is the SEMA show.


The article is later than usual as I was on my way to Ireland a day or two after the show. I quickly did a small article on the E9 BMW CSL race car as it really blew me away but it wasn’t the only cool BMW on the H&R Springs stand. Mike Burrough’s of StanceWorks fame had his Group A inspired E28 “Parts car” at the show. A real departure from last years effort from the StanceWorks front man.




One of the cars to garner the most interest at the show was of course the Ryan Tuerck Ferrari 458 engine’d GT86. It was just about possible to get these photos as the crowd milling around it at any stage of the show was ridiculous. It certainly is an impressive build and looked stunning in the flesh I have to say.






This is another favorite of mine from the show. This iDL Design USA 997 was, as you can see, absolutely stunning! With all the RWB iteration’s flying around nowadays I was surprised that no one had taken on the Slantnose Porsche and given it that wide-bodied look. This is iDL Design’s first project. Pretty kick-ass right?! I really like the 19″ Rotiform LSR wheels and the louvers on the front wings look really great and tie in with the classic design on the 935 Slantnose.




Our favorite SEMA lady. This is my third year to do the show and it has become a ritual (well only for me I guess) to meet and take a photo of the beautiful Philecia who promotes for Vorsteiner wheels. Unfortunately Philecia was in such high demand from show goers wanting to take photographs that this is the only photo I was happy with and had intended to meet her again on another day but she had left. Well all being well we’ll see her again in 2017!




Ford always put on a great stand at SEMA which is only natural. Of course the motorsport stuff is what I am mainly interested in and it was cool to Ken Block’s 2016 Ford Focus RS RX. This 600bhp 4WD monster is capable of 0-60mph in less than 2 seconds. Probably about the same amount of time it took you to read “600bhp 4WD Monster” – rapid to say the least!





Another “Stop me in my tracks” kinda car. This Datsun 240z looked stunning at the Toyo Tires booth outside. Obviously mimicked on the John Player Special Lotus livery it looked amazing and a real credit to Dominic Le (@dnicle) of Chasing J’s. The older style cars just live on and on and when they are done like this, to perfection, coupled with a 2JZGTE it simply is fantastic. Kudos Dominic.







One of my favorite booths from the event over the past few years has to be Toyo Tires. They always have an amazing selection of cars on display and loads of variety. The vibe of the booth is also very cool. It’s out side, it’s spacious and it feels more relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle of the inside booth.




This joke has been made already but I am shamelessly going to use it again… If this is the new 2017 Corolla – sign me up!!!!! In all seriousness though this was a seriously stunning USDM GTS Corolla but you already knew we would like it because we do have a slight AE86 fetish on Autolifers with 4 of our staff owning one haha.


I got the chance to meet the devilishly beautiful Yelinice during the event too. Yelinice is no stranger to car shows as she has worked at many on the East coast of the States so it was awesome to see her come out West and be part of the Vossen wheels setup. She is quite the photographer too just to note – go follow her on Instagram @yelinice





It is always cool to see local Vegas cars at SEMA – gives me an idea of what I can get out and shoot potentially in the future. The Lowballers have many cool cars within their group and this Lexus GS really tickles my fancy. A number of weeks back I posted about a video Lauder Corea posted for SEMA, well he is just unstoppable and he did a video of this GS which you can check out on his website The AimGain kit is so on point and the beautiful engraved artwork on the bonnet is amazing. Want to see more?? Follow the owner Ben on Instagram @lowballers_3gs


Honestly, I didn’t even see the Sherman until I got home and looked at the photo.






Now this will be totally marmite for most people and if I am honest it is not something I would ever imagine or intended to do to a car as it simply isn’t my taste but ONE thing you cannot deny is the skill and effort put into making this AMF Forged GTR bling. The engraving process took 6 months to do – amazing. On another note my wife liked it a lot…





One thing my cousin told me was “Don’t forget to get a shot of the new MX5!!” here you go cuz


This 1976 Ford LTD was so long that you can see it bend in this shot with the wideangle lens! MASSIVE




Radi8 wheels are a company I just began to hear about before SEMA with some crazy, yet cool designs. I especially liked the Audi’s wheels which are called Radi8 r8s5 which they nicknamed “the sarcastic ninja”. Can I have 4 sarcastic ninja’s in 19×10 please.





I always like to finish with my last picture from the camera and what better way to finish the article than with Jamie Cope (@jamie_boo) and Dani Lang (@danii_alyssa) at the Gear Alloy wheels booth. So SEMA is over for another year and it was great to be part of it. I cannot see myself get bored of coming to this amazing event. I would really encourage any of my friends back in Ireland to get flights now and come in for the show. This year I had two half days again and ran around like a lunatic on my 2nd day, getting there early was essential! First day I had my wife with me doing our social media on Instagram which was a huge help. Hopefully 2017 we will have some of the Autolifers from Ireland over to help cover the event (so i can just chill and walk around and enjoy!). Please check out the gallery below and hit us with a few comments if you have any 🙂 .
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh