At ease soldier, no need to prepare for combat! However, be prepared for a new generation of war: The Stance Wars. The “stance” game is a fairly recent trend that has made quite a ruckus. We all are very familiar with Stancenation, take one look at a picture that has been posted on the Facebook page. You will find people going back and forth in regards to the functionality of the vehicle. It amazes me, how people can go back and forth all day but cannot come to a conclusion. My personal opinion, we build our cars not to the specifications of others, but to our own specifications. StanceWars brought only the best, there were only 100 spots for this event. This event was Stance Wars first time in Las Vegas. The best of the best were chosen, but enough talking and more pictures!


Jordan’s Ford Focus is not what Ford imagined it would be. The exhaust, the license plate, the stickers all scream different. I really enjoyed seeing this totally redefined Focus!


This RX-8 definitely was a neck breaker. I do not see many RX-8s in car shows, these cars are overlooked quite often. The owner made sure the car was not overlooked. It does not stop there, to add icing to the cake it is a female driven vehicle. I’m almost certain I would have proposed to her, but I decided that would have not been the most ideal pickup line at the time.


The owner of this FRS, is a fellow photographer. I remember when Anthony had a Miata, and it was blowing up all over the internet. The next thing you know, he is doing his own photoshoots and moving onto bigger car builds! Unfortunately, Anthony was not able to make it to the show but fear not he found a way to get the car there. That is true dedication!


I want you all to meet Cameron, he killed the stance game. What I love most about this build, is that the widebody is all metal. It is not riveted on, it is molded into the body. This car proves hard work and dedication, can go a long way.



Something about the BMWs, and their wheel fitment that just make you want to cry! (tears of joy)




I love this car, it is so simple yet so clean. Matt, is a very humble guy. You can approach him at anytime, and he is always down to just shoot the shit. I can definitely say this with certainty, that he has the cleanest TSX in Las Vegas!




It was nice to see Devin’s WRX, as the car itself being so new you rarely see it being modified! I loved the look and the direction he is going with the build.



Is it a car show if there are not any VWs? No. I love the old school VWs, they will always look fantastic to me!




Well, that about wraps up StancWars. I had a great time, and enjoyed meeting new Autolifers! I look forward to the next StanceWars being in Las Vegas, definitely was a great experience.
Words & Photos: Alex Tsatourian