EVENT | The Fast Show 2014

287 mph Jet car, sounds like the gates of hell opening!

287 mph Jet car, sounds like the gates of hell opening!

It was my first time at SantaPod and my first time at The Fast Show, I hadn’t looked into it much to know what I was going to find it might explain why I got lost and ended up a foot deep in mud after driving for 20 minutes into someone’s private farm land – don’t follow your satnav if you wish to go to SantaPod! The first thing I was greeted with at the track-side was the FireForce 3 Jet car tearing down the 1/4 mile, ripping the tarmac up behind. Everyone who had congregated on the grass embankment collaborated in stunned gasps and amazed chuckles, as all petrolheads do track side.



There where plenty of cars in the car park to spend the day looking at and some were more than worthy to be inside on the show’n’shine section of the event. To gauge the size of the event, there were 3 fields used as parking. Hundreds of cars turned up to this event, and some had travelled for miles upon miles to get there. It truly was amazing to see the overwhelming size of the show.


There where thousands of show cars there too and there was more than a few that really stood out, take this Rocco for example, it was simply beautiful!


Or take this Astra owned by Dan Stevens, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Astra pulled off so well.


Comment your thoughts on this MX5?!…



Aside from the show cars the real reason people turn up to the fast show is the drag racing, and what better place to experience it than at SantaPod? The cars come in all shapes and sizes with there being more than a few ‘sleepers’ that took everyone by surprise. A few redtop Corsa C’s really did make an impact on the day!




I had spent the day experiencing things I never even knew existed, take these Drag Karts. I can’t imagine how scary 100+ mph karts are, and these come loaded with a shot of NOS.




Think the Karts are crazy? Try holding on to a drag bike! Sports bikes are fast, but fit them with a top fuel engine, lengthen the swing arm and give them a shot of NOS and you have a serious track weapon. Being a bike lover I was both astounded and slightly frightened by the thought of how quick these bikes accelerate. The lengthened swing arm allows the pilots to nail the throttle without having too much issue of the bike flipping itself. I specifically chose the word pilot, because I can’t imagine riding one of these would be anything like riding a road bike, I think it would be more like flying a fighter jet.


The track was populated all day long with anything from your slightly modified Saxo to your fully built track weapon like this GTR powered menace, which took off like a missile, and sounded lovely!



Classic cars definitely had there place out on track and often they annihilated the modern ‘sports’ cars, and what could be better than dropping the clutch in a MK2 Escort and burning off an Astra VXR down the quarter with the sun glistening off of the track.


Im not sure if this is a true fact but I believe the Chevy Owners Club was at the show, if not then it was irony the caused 6 yellow/ black Chevrolet Camaro’s to be parked next to each other.


Autolifers_MX5 slammed_fastshow_santapod

MX5s in the recent years have become a major part in the car scene, they seem to have gained status from ‘hairdressers car’ to ‘ultimate track/ stance weapon’ and I love the fact people have changed their minds because some of these MX5s are truly gorgeous!


I adored this Fiesta, and I’m usually the first person to hold my hand up and say I’m not a great Ford lover, but the mixture of classic and aggressive looks about this car pulled at my heart strings, if you’re the owner of this, or if anyone knows the owner then by all means get in touch!



Ace Cafe had a classic Polo on their stand and its candy red paint glistened under a bright but cool sun, it was slammed hard, easily one of the better cars in the show for me. But new shape polo or old shape?!



Doesn’t matter who you are or what car you own, if a GTR 35 isn’t on your list of dream cars (or cars to buy if you’ve deep pockets) then I don’t believe you are a true petrol head! The GTR come out of the factory perfectly built to attack corners with most pin point precision, it took on the legacy of the GTR and the Skyline name in perfect harmony. It was the perfect way to show that the world hasn’t gone ECO crazy, and allowed you to have true super car performance without having to own an oil field. The original Skyline doesn’t need an explanation, it’s known the world over as one very, very iconic car, not only for Paul Walker in Fast and the Furious, but for the fact it can be modified to 1000bhp!


Speaking of Paul Walker, this is a fans car, covered in ‘Reach Out Worldwide’ livery in memory of Paul and to raise funds for his charity.
I’d like to have one more sentence and put my whole hearted condolences to the friends and family of Alex Butwell. Alex tragically died in a motorway accident on his way to the Fast Show this weekend. If anyone has ever seen Alex’s Corsa they will understand why I am putting this, Alex’s Corsa was a Cadbury’s inspired brown with a Cadbury’s bar boot build and for many it was a car that opened up new avenues and new ideas. It’s sad to lose someone from the car community but when they had such a well known car, that was loved by many it’s even more of an impact.
The event was a new experience for me, I’ve found a new love in drag racing, and I’ll forever have the memory of the Fire Force 3 running the strip. Honestly, if you ever get chance to experience drag racing, especially at a high level, please jump at the opportunity, I’ll doubt you will regret. The sound, the smell and the speed are over whelming. Truly awesome.

Words: Alex Gregory
Photos: Alex Gregory & Angelo Di Massimo