EVENT | The RIAC National Classic Car Show 2014

Bloodhound SSC

Is it a bird?… is it a plane?….No actually it’s a pilot driving a car.

One would expect RAF pilot Andy Green to be taking the flight deck of a menacing looking Lockheed Martin SR-71A Blackbird (I used to read my brother’s Airplane magazines, forgive me) but no, on his latest mission he won’t need his passport. This man is due to pilot the Bloodhound SSC for his second attempt at the Land Speed Record. Lying down, feet first! Not for the faint hearted.
However he can take comfort from the fact this will all be done on the fastest wheels in history, forged from solid aluminium and with a little help from three engines to get him to top speed and three separate braking systems to help slow him down.This machine really is impressive and its’ presence could very much be felt in the room, if only we could have heard it ticking over!
I don’t know whether to admire this man or have him committed to an institution, he really does bring the term Speedhunter to a whole new level! I for one, wish him the very best of luck!
Supercar – Noun

  • A high performance sports car
    I love car shows, they give us a chance to admire such beautiful machines up close and personal, especially ones which are usually only attainable by the rich and famous. The Lamborghini Miura, also known as the world’s first supercar is no exception.
    The organisers of the Classic Car Show were very lucky to obtain this model from a private Irish collection which, has rarely been shown in public before. One can only wonder what else is lurking around in the Irish car scene which has not had it debut yet.764 of these mid – engine cars were produced between 1966 and 1973 until it was retired and replaced by the Lamborghini Countach.


    Another iconic classic on show was the typically red Ferrari F40. The F40, at the time, set records for Ferrari in that it was the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car ever designed by them to celebrate their 40th anniversary; if you can’t splash out on your 40th then when can you!?


    This car really got a lot of well – deserved attention on the day, it was so nice to see the younger generation admire the it, not many cars they encounter in their day to day lives can do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds!
    It was interesting to know that these cars were produced without door handles, door cards or a stereo system; somehow I think we could live with that.


    The yellow Lotus Esprit 300s on show today was the last 300s to come off the production line. It was also the very first time this car has been displayed on show. The 300s is the fastest 4 cylinder Esprit that has ever been built and only 50 models were produced.


    When the Ford GT was built, it was aimed mainly at the US Market but, 100 cars were earmarked for export to Europe.However, over the years many have been imported from the US, this car on show being a fantastic example, this car is a regular visitor to Irish car shows.


    Motorsport Ireland Display



    Renault 5 Turbo


    The Irish Escort Owners Club
    Ford owners can always be relied upon to have impeccably well turned out cars, at every show I attended last year there was always at least one owner with a bucket washing their car, even though it was immaculate to start with. This year the Irish Escort Owners club provided us with a colourful selection of vehicles. My love for yellow cars was catered for with Laurence Doherty’s Signal Amber MkII Mexico which had been treated to a complete restoration and rebuild.

    Blue Mexico

    Alistair Grey from Co Down brought along his show shopping Mexico which has been along to no less than 84 car shows, that’s pretty impressive!Although this car may be a show stopper, there is a unique and slightly sad history to the car. One of his brothers passed away whilst in the middle of restoring the car. As a result the work was suspended and the car lay in storage for many years.Alistair took ownership of the car in 2004 and promptly started a full restoration build which helped him achieve a 3rd place in the Mexico Class of the AVO National Day in the UK.


    RS Owners Club Ireland
    Ray Burch was the proud owner of an extremely clean black Sierra RS Cosworth that was on the RS Owners stand at the show.The car, which was originally sourced in Liverpool by a fellow RS member, has only been graced with the 38,000 miles on the clock. Quirky little editions to this car include the original first aid kit and radio cassette player. I don’t care what anybody says; things like this make a car really special!



    TVR Sagaris

    Alfa Romeo GTV6

    Alfa Romeo GTV 6
    I’ll be honest; I know nothing about Alfa’s but this example makes me want to know about them. This 3 litre V6 engine was restored in 2010 by Alex Jupe Motorsport and the car is carefully cared for by a member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club.


    Midland American Auto Club
    Brendan Glennon is the owner of this Greenwood Corvette which has 35,000 miles from new; it’s believed to be the only one in Ireland. These cars are quite rare even in the United States. The extra wide body work is all designed to cover the modified rear and front suspension, wheels and tyres giving it better handling should she be on the track.



    Lotus Cortina MK 1
    When two become one, you get a classic, the Lotus Cortina. Ford generously supplied the body shell and helped to market the project whilst the Lotus team took care of the mechanical side of things. One of the defining features of a Lotus built Cortina was the colour scheme, white with a green stripe and finished off with Lotus badges on the rear wings.


    Lotus Exige
    This Lotus belongs to none other than the show’s organiser Bob Montgomery. The Exige has been in production since 2000 with 3 different versions being produced.The current series, series 3 which began production in 2012 is home to their largest engine yet, a 3.5 litre V6 pushing out 345bhp.


    And finally, pardon the pun, I would like to leave you with some Wyse words from one of the exhibitors at the show…….


    Words: Fiona Wyse
    Photos: Nick O’Connor & Fiona Wyse