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Last weekend marked the turning point for us ‘stance lovers’ in our yearly calendar, it marked the weekend for the first big show of the year, Ultimate Dubs. If you remember back to last year when I covered this show you’ll remember how I described it as being one of, if not the best show of the whole year. I still stand by that statement, the sun beamed down and the cars gleamed up, it was a perfect show, with perfect weather and it was filled with perfect cars, and all of those “perfects” made it up to the most ‘perfect’ show of the year.


This year however, didn’t have perfect weather, the sun wasn’t beating down, it wasn’t t-shirt and shorts weather, and it certainly didn’t make you want to sit on the grass verge and have a barbecue with all of your mates. In fact this year was the perfect example of how global warming experts are telling us that our pride and joys are destroying the earth by pollution or some rubbish like that. It was cold. It was cloudy. It wasn’t the greatest start to the day. I was amongst the people who, although I have been before, decided that the queue to get into the show didn’t warrant the extra money I would of had to spend staying in a local hotel.


Other than the killer cars and the buzzing atmosphere, Ultimate Dubs is notorious for something else: The traffic jam. As I proceeded round a bend on the dual carriageway approaching the Telford International Centre, trees obscuring the view up the road, I found my self joining the back of a queue, at 9:20 in the morning. I looked at my Satnav. 3.0 miles to reach destination. Damn, I should have stayed in a hotel.


By the time I had fought my way to the front of the queue and finally to a point where I could see the Telford International Centre, 3 hours had rolled by and my time spent drooling over lovely VAG goodness cut short. After parking the car up however a familiar feeling emerged, something which you only experience at car shows, the overwhelming atmosphere of cars, music, laughter and obviously the smell of detailing spray hit me and it felt like home. I remembered why I suffer the queue, year on year, because once you are in, the show pays it all back. It’s a nostalgic feeling, rekindling the happiness of the previous years shows and filling you up with excitement for summer to come around again.


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This therefore is less about the quality of the cars and rather about the show, the culture and the enjoyment. After all, we all share the same love of cars, why would it not be amazing to be in a place where everyone shares the same thoughts?


Year on year Ultimate Dubs never fails to supply the biggest and best VAG show in the calendar, the standard is unbelievable. The builds which we have all been so anxiously following on instagram, finally we get to see them in the flesh, or rather in the metal.


Autolifers_Ultimate_Dubs_2015_VW Golf 1_Slammed_Low_Airride

Ultimate Dubs really does have a buzz around it. It is one of those shows that gets talked about throughout the year and years onwards.



I will forever remember and recall the guys behind me in the queue to get to the show. One guy jumps out of the car to go find a quiet bush, the others lock the car doors and carry on driving. To move along at 2mph watching the guy behind you furiously trying to open his car door before jumping on to the bonnet and getting him self soaked as the guys spray him with the wind screen washer fluid some how made the 3 hour wait nearly bareable.

Autolifers_Ultimate_Dubs_2015_Kat_Giles_Kaggie_VW_Golf _Mk5_Slammed_Low_Airride

On the subject of finally seeing builds in the metal rather than over Instagram; Kat really pulled off a big make over this year, custom wide arches, a new interior, head unit, audio and a full new boot build. The little MK5 has come a long way from being static and sitting on purple flocked 3SDM’s.


I can’t stress enough just how many people attend Ultimate Dubs. They filled about 3 large car parks and a multi-storey. Try taking pictures at a show when nearly all of those people came to see Jules Loose’s new build. Unreal.

Autolifers_Ultimate_Dubs_2015_Dom_Williams_VW Lupo_Slammed_Low_Airride

I am slightly biased to love this car as it is owned by a friend of Autolifers, but Dom Williams has done well. There isn’t much left that can be done to a Lupo and be original, but Dom has got one of the coolest ones around, his attention to detail is paramount, all the small parts that you won’t notice unless he walked you round and pointed them all out, such a cool car.


Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, VW Golf, Audi RS4 Avant

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, Porsche 911

It isn’t just VAGs that get attention at Ultimate Dubs, there was a plentiful amount of top quality beemers, a few porkers and even a Corsa, which caused quite a bit of a stir.


I have always had a love for big cars, and this is simply stunning, one of the most baller looking cars at Ultimate Dubs this year, real cool.



Ultimate Dubs is one of those shows that truly leaves you awe-inspired by some peoples creations. For most of us sane lot, the thought of taking £60,000+ cars and modifying them seems almost insanity, even owning one seems like a distant dream, never mind dropping one on air. The standard and the money involved is simply astounding.



Some people really did come out swinging, this R8 being one of those. The amount of people I heard asking ‘whats that under the bonnet’ was almost embarrassing, but not to worry kids, yes that is an R8 sat on air. Who says air ride can’t handle power?!

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, WV Type 3, The Install Company

It really is nice to see that even in a show predominately dominated by modern VAG’s, that there still is a little place for a rusty, but never the less a classic, Type 3.

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, VW Golf GTI, dished, lowered

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, VW Scirocco & Golf

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, SEAT Leon Cupra R, Porsche brake calipers, centrelock, 2

The German VAG shows and owners are often criticised for not being original enough, and copying what everyone else does. Well it may be true, but here are your trend setters. The first set of Brada wheels I have ever seen in person, and there is something very cool about centre lock wheels, very different wheels, built for very different reasons but both as welcome as the other in the VAG shows.

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, VW Caddy pickup, picnic basket install

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, Audi RS4 Avant, audio and air ride boot install

Autolifers, Ultimate Dubs 15, Audi A3, audio & air ride boot install

If you want to be a show winner, you’ve got to have a good boot build, here are some of the best of the show.


How about blinding people with a gold chrome wrap? – You’ll find it at Ultimate Dubs!



Route 32’s Golf pulls a crowd like nothing I have ever seen. The car is the true definition of a 100% build. you won’t see air and wheels and the owner shouting ‘Show car’ here, this is a true labour of time and love, built with passion and the most immaculate attention to detail.

mk6 UD




We really enjoyed our time at UD15, we hope you enjoyed the feature and our coverage, we will have more on our Facebook page, please comment, like, or share if you enjoy our work!
Words:Alex Gregory
Photos: Alex Gregory, Philip Campbell and Sam Dean