First off VAGE 11 doesn’t mean it took us 2 years to bring you the coverage, VAGE 11 is the 11th running of the Fermoy based show. And what a show it is. The largest VW only show in the country and with quality to rival any through out Europe. I’m ashamed to say I live about 10 miles from where the show has been held since it started and I only made my first trip to the show last year. Like this year though, it’s firmly set in my calendar for next year already. To top off the day I was limited with the amount of time I had, I had to be gone at 12.45 at the very latest to make it to work and my dad who came along with me had to be home for 1.30. Due to this I didn’t get to see the winners being announced or the trophies being presented. I did however get the list late on Sunday night so I’ll include those further down.


I’d be the first to admit I wouldn’t be a huge VW fan, I get the style and I do like a lot of the newer cars, however I do make a rather large exception when it comes to 2 words in the VW scene. “Air cooled”. If I were to go German it would be air cooled, no question. I blame my dad for my interest in the air cooled variety as he always had t2 vans when I was growing up along with a t2 pop up roof white over red camper. I’ve yet to see any modern VW come close to the epic coolness naturally inherent in a cool Cal styled bug....


A slammed van....


Or this gorgeous Porsche 356. Yes I know its not an actual VW but who really wants to get into that argument.


One of the most unusual vehicles at the show had to be this 1980 VW camper, the second one, the brownish/orangish coloured one. Not the best looking camper I’ve ever seen, not the nicest colour I’ve ever seen, however....


Those wheels don’t look right....


Why would you leave the bonnet open on a water cooled camper....


That might be why, this particular camper was running a V6 TDI Audi engine. Now the wheels make sense!


This little gem of a MK1 Golf was a wolf (sburg... see what I did there??) in sheeps clothing. If you know the car you’ll know what I’m on about. If not, watch out for a feature on this over then next few months.




This gorgeous Passat R36 was one of my favorite modern cars. You just never see them down south, in fact you almost never see a petrol one down here as its almost exclusively diesel.


The colour on this A3 was gorgeous not to mention the chromed Porsche Teledials.


A previous feature car, Darren Deasy’s Supercharged VR6 VW Golf MK1 was in attendance. The last time I was speaking to Darren he had planned on having the R32 conversion completed for the show, however due to circumstances beyond his control it would have been around the end of the month before it was ready. He took the decision to hold off until after the show and have it sorted for next year.



I’m usually not a huge fans of MK3 Golfs but this one sat beautifully on these Compomotive TH1’s.



Just as I was about to leave this gorgeous Rothmans Porsche pulled in. Due to work I had to go before I got to talk to the owner. If you know who owns it, please get them to contact us!
Now, on to some of the results.


Steven Toner’s awesome MK4 R32 kitted Golf took wheel of the show with his Rotiform TMB’s on the I Love Bass stand. The absolute perfect wheel for this car.


This matt black Audi A3 won best stance sitting on some fantastic looking Bentley wheels.


Best Mk5 went to Clark Caughey’s newly acquired Golf which does look absolutely stunning I am sure you’ll agree.


Car of the show was this rather nice looking MK4 R32.
As I’ve said already this has to be one of the best VW shows in Europe and overall one of the best shows in the country. This is already set in our calendar for next year. No excuses, I’ll be spending the whole day here with my dad tagging along thinking/threatening to buy another camper! See you there!
Words & Photos: Martin Cunningham