GAME | GT5 Gran Turismo RX-8


Following on from our previous Game article on ‘GT5 Tsukuba ’86 Drift’, my inbox has been filled with positive feedback and requests for another.  Finding the time to sit down and enjoy some gaming action isn’t easy, but when it does happen it’s fun.  Here’s the result of another GT5 night, this time testing out the Mazda RX-8.


Having earned plenty of credit from my GT5 racing days, I’m lucky enough to be able to buy and tune almost any car in the game, which certainly makes things more fun. I’m always interested in the ‘simulation’ factor of GT5 though, so I enjoy road cars and production cars.  I know fellow Autolifer David will be keen on this car…Mazda RX-8.  An Aero front splitter, Carbon painted hood and Prodrive wheels in gold finish the outside, while the car is fully tuned.


Sometimes I may take the game too serious, as I tend to relate to it as I do in real life but I find this is the best point of GT5.  I set the car up how I would in the real world, and it reflects in the game play. To me, this is what makes GT5 so fun.  After a few practice runs, and tweaks of the suspension I had mastered the camber, ride height, damper and spring rate settings… As you can see above!


The noise of the tuned rotary, although it’s in a game, really is awesome, making it even more fun to drift through the Tsukuba S-Bends.


As always, I choose Tsukuba for the initial setup and testing of all my GT5 cars.   It also gives me some great photo captions like this shot!


But you guys wanted to see more, and something a little different! So my next stop was the streets of Tokyo for some street drifting!


It’s a little more difficult to take photos using the camera caption mode, (just like real life), but with the right settings you get great results!


Yes, I know it’s only a computer game, but it can seem very realistic sometimes.  It’s certainly a fun way to relax while keeping with the Autolife.


With the RX-8 now driving perfect, it was off to another track in the game. Autumn Ring is one of my favourite Tracks in the GT5 game.


The photo mode never ceases to amaze me. This time I set it up for Black & White. I love this capture above. RX-8 looks so good!


It’s one of the best tracks for drifting in the game, with fast flowing corners and elevation.  Here I am getting some dirt drop down the back straight!


Another good track for testing due to it’s S-bends.  After a few laps, I decided to adjust the front spring rate, to compensate the RX-8 50/50 Balance!


Resulting in a little smoother control, angle and with some more camber, extra lock. The RX-8 is turning into the perfect drift car.


As you can see in the above photo, linking the full Autumn Ring track and a smoke trail Manji down the back straight.  B&W makes this photo!


So there we have it, another GT5 post for you guys.  It’s sure fun to make them, but takes as much time as a real life feature.  It’s certainly something different that I don’t see online so much.  It’s nice to hear the positive feedback from so many of you and requests for more GT5 game action.  Hopefully we’ll keep producing some unique content, and maybe even an Autolifers GT5 Game Night.
Words & Photos:  Chris Gray