GARAGE LIFE | Raging Bull Fabrications | MkI Escort Build


Late on Thursday night I got a message on Facebook from a friend asking for my number as he’d lost it. Next thing I see is his dad ringing me wanting to know could I pop out to a garage Friday evening to get a few photos of an Escort that was going to paint on Saturday. They wanted a few pictures pre paint, during paint (which will be coming during the week) and then a nice full shoot afterwards. Needless to say I had to go for a look. The grand total of information I got on the car was that it was a MkI with some nice fabrication done on it.


I have to say when I walked through the door and saw a very tidy shell, full steel arches, an amazing cage and some serious suspension, I was well impressed.


Even after all these years, the MkI Escort is still a good looking car. Personally I think they can look aggressive if done right, this one is definitely heading in that direction.


I love where the cage is attached to the a pillar, even the rest of the cage behind it is a work of art.


Here’s a nice close up view of the rear suspension fabrication.


The boot hasn’t been neglected. Even the rear tubs and rear firewall are just done so well.


The other side of the rear firewall and the rest of the rear tubs.


I know I’ve said it a few times but the cage is a serious piece of fabrication but you can really appreciate it from this shot.


Here’s another view of the rear suspension setup.


On a few of the pictures you might have spotted a scale model. The reason behind this would be the paint job. The car will have a paint job very similar to the model. There will be a few differences but I’m not sure on what these are just yet.


As mentioned above the main point of being there was to get a few shots of the Escort before it went for paint. While I was there I was shown an Audi S3 that is being built alongside the Escort. The car was pretty much mint as a road car but the owner has decided to build a track car out of it. If you ask really nicely I’m sure I can get permission to keep an eye on this build also. You do have to ask though :P.
The man behind all this work is Rob Hilton of Raging Bull Fabrications. If you’d like to get some work done like this give us a shout here at Autolifers via the comments below and we can pass on Rob’s details.
Words & Photos: Martin Cunningham