LIMELIGHT | Brother From Another Mother


It’s amazing how being within the car community can make you meet new people and create new friends, in fact some of my closest friends I have met through car shows. So it was no surprise to me when I greeted Adam Hepworth and Chris Molyneux, to learn that they aren’t high school friends or family relatives, but instead met through the mutual love (and ownership) of S-body Nissan’s.


Myself on the other hand, I never was a great JDM fan. I get a little cringe even when typing JDM. It conjures up bad images of teenagers trying to claim their mums 1.4 EG Civic is a drift car all because of the sticker bombing they carried out on the rocker cover. My thoughts of a ‘JDM’ car is something which has had the ‘2 in the pink- 1 in the…’ (you know the one I mean), used far too many times to class as ‘banter’.


But guess what… spending a fair few hours with the lads, in the presence of two of the cleanest S-bodies I have ever laid eyes upon; I am now a convert. It was somewhere between watching Adam pull for second whilst hearing the psstshh sound, and watching the sun beginning to drop behind the cars as the day come to a close; and at this point I realised. JDM cars, S-bodies in particular, are not built for the pursuit of the ultimate refinement and they certainly aren’t built to maintain the ‘OEM+’ look, quite the opposite in fact. They are loud, slightly brash, aggressive, whilst all the while maintaining the subtle beauty that attracts so many to them.



Until fairly recently, I have been ignorant to the finer details on the differences between the Japanese branded 180SX, the European 200SX and the American 240SX. I still wouldn’t like to be the one having to answer the last question in a pub quiz on it however, but here it goes. The very first S13’s were powered by the CA18DET engine, whilst the later years were powered by the legendary SR20DET engine.

Autolifers_Nissan_Silvia_S180sx_S200sx_SR20DET_Slammed_Rota_Wolk_Volk_chris_molyneux engine

Both of the cars we have here are kitted out with a full Type X (Kouki) kit. This facelift came about in 1996 and consisted of new design tail lights and a new aero body kit. (I’ve done my homework).



Firstly, this is the 200sx S13 of Chris Molyneux. The 200sx has had a SR20DET conversion, coupled with a HKS FMIC, Apexi Exhaust system, Japspeed solid engine mounts, induction kit, Walbro fuel pump, Driftworks braided turbo lines, a 50mm rad and all topped off with a H-Dev Stage 1a setup.



The body is a full Kouki Type X kit as mentioned and is sprayed in candy blue with smoothed front wings, with Raybrig headlights. It is perfectly sat on Rota GTR’s 17×9.5 and running just enough stretch to give it a mean stance.




Cars like Chirs’ S13 are all about the handling, and although he often gets told he should, this S13 isn’t a drift car, but who in the right mind would want to potentially ruin something this beautiful?! The handling is supplied by those 9.5 Rota GTRs mixed with HSD coilovers, locking collars and front & rear strut braces.



S13FAP… If that licence plate doesn’t perfectly describe this car for you then I recommend Specsavers. Adam Hepworth has pulled off this S13 in unbelievable style. Adam’s S13 is a 180SX, with the factory straight cam SR20DET engine and factory fitted Kouki Type X kit, his attention to detail has made this, along with Chris’, one of the best S13s in the country.


I had to have a closeup of these wheels. Adam has sat the car perfectly on a set of SSR Professor SP1’s 9J fronts, 9.5J rears, finished with custom purple centres and polished dishes.


The engine is a straight cam SR20DET, fitted with a S14a t28 turbo, HKS actuator, Mishimoto intercooler with Greedy hard pipes, Apex turbo elbow, custom down pipe and Toyosports cat back exhaust. That isn’t the finished spec list either, he has also installed an Apexi Power FC ECU with a custom map, Nismo 555cc injectors, R33 GTR fuel pump, aluminium radiator, solid engine and gearbox mounts with Driftworks braided turbo lines.



The gorgeous black of this car is called Kuro Black, this mixed with the factory fitted Type X body kit makes this S13 one very mean looking machine indeed. Additions to the styling of this car, Adam has added an RPS13 Carbon Kevlar rear light panel, Raybrig headlamps, and a DMAX rear top spoiler.



The car is sat upon BC RM coilovers, with Driftworks adjustable arms, Cusco front strut brace, Miracle rear X brace, rear locking collars, and to top it off; an S14 front and rear brake set up, with braided lines.




The interior is complimented by a Defi gauge set up and control box, and Apexi ECU controller, the Zilla life gear knob and an OMP deep dish steering wheel.

Autolifers_Nissan_S13a_Adam_Closeup_Volk_Boost Guages

Autolifers_Lower_it_bitch‘Just lower it bitch’ – The low life is a lifestyle, not just a hobby.












I was very fortunate in the fact that the lads had pre-arranged the location they wanted to shoot at, and for that I want to say a very big thank you to Carl who helped us all day long. It’s great going out and meeting new people, but not only that I got to do some pretty fun stuff too. Both cars are utterly gorgeous, I can’t quite put into words just how clean they both are unless you physically look at them both in person.
Words & Photos: Alex Gregory