LIMELIGHT | Fredy Alcantar’s Acura Integra Type-R


A number of weeks back at the Royal Origin event in Las Vegas I was walking around snapping away at all the awesomely stanced cars that were on offer to us to see and pour our eyes over. When I spotted this DC2 Integra Type-R that instantly caught my eye. This car reminded me of home straight away as a friend of mine owned one just like it with similar type mods except it ran some Spoon wheels and had the yellow Recaro interior. Nevertheless this car hit the spot!


For me the next logical step back home in Ireland would be upgrade to an Integra Type-R of some sort and if I could get my hands on something as clean and as cool as this I would definitely go the DC2 route. This particular Type-R Integra is an original USDM version owned by Las Vegan Fredy Alcantar.



Fredy has been into Honda’s since he can remember and having gone through many many cars each time he sold a Honda he would always proclaim “I’m not going back!” and invariably he did return each time. Fredy takes up the story “I honestly was never into the whole Type-R thing. I just thought it was the same thing as any other DC2 but it wasn’t until I finally started looking into them and driving one: That’s the second I fell in love with them.”


“I drove to Bakersfield where I there met up for a trade, I traded my 2001 s2000 for this 2000 Acura Integra Type-R. I’ve owned the car for 6 months and it has been nothing but great to me and truly I am amazed.”


The most noticeable aspect of the cars’ exterior is the original JDM front end to the car as the USDM version of the car uses the twin lamp version. The rest of the car is covered in original Honda Integra Type-R goodness with everything from OEM window visors, lip, clear side repeaters, power folding mirrors and mudguards.


There are some non-OEM parts added to the bodystyling. The Password JDM carbon fibre Airduct looks very cool and reminds me especially of my friends Type-R. The car has R-Crew front splitter and JDM Carbon Fibre First Moulding canards fitted as well.


On the rear there is a Mugen 1st generation wing and Fredy has plans to add a Top 1 rear diffuser to match those cool Top 1 side skirts. The car has also shaved emblems and a shaved antenna cleaning the lines and flow of the car. All in all probably one of the best looking DC2’s I have seen.


The car is sitting on some the best looking wheels I have seen on a DC2 yet. EVO Regamaster’s in 16×8 ET35 all around clad in some Falken Azenis 205/40/16’s and the car is lowered on Function Form coilovers leaving it sitting just right.




Before I wax lyrical about the engine on this car can I just say that it sounds ree-dic-you-luss, and I mean that only in the best possible way. Driving behind the Acura on the freeway I turned off my stereo and put the window down and just listened to this car. I have one name for you “Skunk 2” and the Honda/Acura people out there will now what that means!The engine bay is virtually dripping with Skunk 2 goodies. The manifold, spring and retainers, stage 2 cams, cam gears, valve train, flat valves high compression are all Skunk 2 items. The engine has a full race port and polished head with a matched ported manifold and 70mm throttle body. Also included is a B&R Custom oil catch tank.


The block has RS pistons with a bore of 84.5mm. ARP rod bolt kit and ARP head studs along with ACL race bearings. The crank pulley has been polished and weighed also. The car runs JDM Integra Type-R headers, a 3″ straight exhaust pipe allowing all the glorious VTEC sound out, a Walbro fuel pump and Hondata S300 ECU. What this translates into is a very healthy 240bhp to the wheels with 180 torque and tuned on 91 octane rated fuel. A JDM Integra Type-R with 4.7 final drive, light flywheel and Stage 2 Exedy clutch help to transfer that 240bhp to the front wheels and down to the tarmac.



Interior wise I thought to myself “Yeah this looks pretty standard looking” and in a way it is but only if it was a JDM Integra. The seats are USDM Integra Type-R items but it has been fitted with a JDM Honda steering wheel. A K-tuned gearshift and Mugen pedals are also part of the equation. A nice touch is that the car has been fitted with a JDM power folding mirror switch also but…


…what I really love on any modified car are the small touches. Something that really adds to the overall kudos that should be given to a car like this. Fredy mentioned that he owned a S2000 previously and he obviously misses the push button start because he has added it to this car and it’s a sublime touch and just looks factory fitted. This is one of my favorite parts of the car!


More interior goodies come in the form of a 7″ Pioneer double din and Pioneer speakers all around to match. To protect this all a 2-Way Viper Alarm has been installed, so HANDS OFF!



Whilst at the shoot it was hard not to notice the NVüS logo on the windscreen. NVüS is basically a huge “family” of like minded car enthusiasts here in the States and Fredy happens to be apart of the Las Vegas chapter. Fredy says that NVüS is all about “We support those who support us”. Indeed a fellow NVüS RSX was there in support at the shoot belonging to Fredy’s good friend Joses Urquillas who incidentally bought the DC5 from Fredy. Check out the NVüS Facebook page here and give it a like 🙂



To me this car is perfect but Fredy has some subtle future plans for the car, which include a K20Z1 swap and updating the seats to Status buckets and including Takata harnesses. After that? Well the plan is for Fredy to own his dream machine and not surprisingly it’s another Acura this time in the shape of the fantastically awesome Acura NSX. I for one cannot wait to see it!
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh