The humble AE86 is a car we love here on Autolifers. Just take a look at the last couple of articles and you’ll see that to be true. Of course one of the biggest influences of this has to be Chris who runs AE86 World. It’s probably going to get worse as I bought a project AE86 this past summer!


So what has any of that got to do with this AE86? Well it’s owner happens to be the first AE86 owner that I befriended in Las Vegas – is that why he is getting a feature?! Hell no!!! Myke’s AE86 is one of my favorites in the Valley and it was only natural that we do a shoot of this awesome 20valver.


So what’s the story with this EIGHTSIX? Let’s hear it from the man himself… “I got into Corollas in my teens and always wanted one, but not because of Initial D. We had 240s growing up and they were the be all and end all. Well me being the guy I am and not wanting to do anything everyone else was I searched for other legendary RWD drift cars. The AE86 was the first thing up…


…When I was finally an adult, on my own I searched high and low for one. I found my first one with an SR20DET coupe. Incidentally, it was recently finished with basically amazing J-Blood everything. I then went through a bunch of other cars when I got rid of it and just had to get another one. I wanted to build one from the ground up and really do something I wanted. The rest is really still happening.


Engine wise Myke has stayed faithful to the 4AGE powerplant albeit in Silvertop 20v format with a host of mods. One name that any of us in the AE86 world (no pun intended Chris) will be aware of Techno Toy Tuning as they sell a plethora of parts for the AE86 platform. So when you see the letters T3 you’ll know that stands for Techno Toy Tuning. Myke’s car is no exception with T3 Trumpets, Water pump pulley, alternator pulley and a T3 intermediate shaft.


The car is also fitted with parts like a Walbro 255 external pump, Tomei poncam intake 264 and exhaust 256. HKS make it under the hood in the form of the exhaust gear and timing belt. MishiMoto are also out in force in this engine bay with MM oil cooler, oil cooler plate, radiator, dual electric fans and overflow can.



Other mods include Toyota Denso coil packs, Wilwood clutch and brake reservoirs, Carbing Tri-Brace, Haltech 500 Sprint ECU and a really nice feature that I love on cars now is Myke had any hardlines deleted and tucked.


Power is delivered through a T50 gearbox via a GTS bell housing as, like my own, this AE86 started life as a SR5 model. G7 provide yet another 1 of 1 part in the form of a gearbox bracket. Myke also had Wilwood brake and clutch pedals mounted too. The car has been lowered with CX Racing coil overs and spindles. The Lower Control Arms are T3 items and Tie Rods from Megan Racing.



One thing the AE86 is not stuck for is Aero. There are so many options out there and combinations it can be quite difficult to choose between them. Myke decided on the URAS kit for the bumpers and side skirts and it works really well together in my opinion. The color currently on the car is an interim thing with Myke planning on a full on proper paint job that, when done, is going to look kick ass!




Let’s talk Kouki. Myke has fitted a host of kouki parts like the indicators, redline rear lights that have had LED halo units fitted and Kouki Carbon Fibre rear trunk garnish. To finish it off Myke fitted, one of my favorite touches, the EIGHTSIX badge which instantly caught my eye during 86fest a number of weeks back.


My last car feature was a S2000 on Work Wheels and hey presto more Work Wheels with the legendary Work Equip 01 in 14×8 fitment with an offset of -13. The Equips are shod in Federal 595 tires 185-55-R14 for all you fitment junkies out there.




Inside the office of the AE86 we find more goodies. As always I have to get sitting in the drivers seat of any car I like, you know… just to get a feel for it. I fitted snugly into the Recaro SR3 Confetti LeMans adjustable seats which are mounted to T3 bottom mount seat brackets. Looking forward I was greeted with a TOMS Personal steering wheel which is fitted to a NRG hub.



One of the things that seems to happen on the AE86 is the dashboard gets cracked and then you have to beg, borrow or steal to get one without a crack…. Not easy. Myke wasn’t into that carry on and opted for a R-Spec Carbon Dash and it is, quite simply awesome!!


Techno Toy Tuning in the House! These door cards are super clean and a great alternative. I’ll be bagging some of these me thinks!


More nice things come in the form of Prosport gauges, an AEM a/f gauge and a Custom Morosso switch panel. Myke also fitted fresh new carpet and rear bench and another cool feature… The EIGHTSIX NIGHTS 86 shift knob – me likey!!




I would like to thank Myke for allowing me the opportunity to shoot his very cool AE86 and make sure you follow him via his Instagram @clevercorolla. If you are in the Nevada region or frequent Vegas and own an AE86 also follow our local AE86 Group @NVHachi which is steadily growing and frequented by a bunch of very cool guys. Hopefully once I start on my own AE86 you’ll see a lot more of Myke and the NV Hachi crew. Until next time folks 😀
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh