Although I have never owned any kind of stanced/lowered VW I have always looked at them with a lot of affection. I love Golf Mk I’s and II’s especially on the ever popular BBS wheels we see a lot of them rocking. Up until recently the more modern Dubs haven’t really tickled my fancy until a good friend of mine brought me for a run in his MkV GTI and I was suitably impressed by its performance and its style. I’m use to mid to late 90’s French interiors so the GTI was heaven!

This Mk VI belonging to Neeraj Sharma instantly caught my eye and I always wanted to find out where the car was based so I could shoot it. As luck would have it I spotted the car and the owner parked up one day. I immediately turned around, bearing in mind I had a 4 hour journey to Co. Cork, and went and asked Neeraj would he be interested in a feature. So on a cold Sunday afternoon in December we did just that.


The car started off life very tame looking as a “nothing special to look at” VW Golf TDI S but even in standard trim it was a fantastic car for any 17 year old. In fact the car was bought long before Neeraj even had his driving license! So the plan was to get the car completely modified before Neeraj was even insured on it. Imagine arriving to school at 17 in this thing?! How awesome!

The car from this angle looks great as the lines down the bonnet influence the design of the lights and grill giving it a more aggressive look.


Over the years it is often said the Golf is adding weight in the looks department. In comparison to the early cars that is definitely true. I think with the lowered/stance/euro look this “added weight” actually compliments the car. As you can see the rear name badges have been removed for a cleaner look. My favorite feature on the rear has to be the rear R-Line tail lights as they look much better than the standard items.



The car as been given the full GTI treatment on the outside with loads of neat touches. The GTI grill looks great and I really like the hexagon shaped detail on the grill. The front fog lights have been given the Lamin-X treatment in yellow to tie in with the grill and the surrounds to the fog lights have been painted gloss black.


Neeraj loves different rims and he has two different sets for his Golf. Currently the car is rocking some gorgeous genuine BBS RS’s that have been custom made. You don’t need me to tell you how awesome they look, the pictures speak for themselves. They suit the car so well. I have to admit I love the 3SDM 0.05 wheels too. In fact they were one of the main reasons I noticed the car initially.


The car is lowered using a Rayvern hydraulic suspension system fitted by none other than John Peden of Peden Conceptz. John is “thee” person in Northern Ireland if you are looking to get air or juice fitted to your automobile. If you see a car with this kind of suspension in Northern Ireland chances are John has worked his magic on it. This system is a 4-way system which allows Neeraj to lift the front and rear and both sides individuallly.


These 3 piece genuine BBS RS’s are 18 inch by 8.5 inch wide and, as I said earlier, they suit the car really well. Neeraj assured me that with the 3SDM’s on the car sat even lower at the rear. Since the shoot Neeraj has rocked two more different sets on the car including Rotiform NUE’s.


The interior is the least modified part of the car… for now anyway. Currently some very subtle LED light modifications have been done in the boot, glove compartment, and the rear & front domes have also be changed. Currently, the rest of the interior is just standard.


However, the standard interior is never going to be acceptable to this car – it demands something special and judging by the plans that Neeraj has it will be great. A GTI leather interior is being sought and a black suede roof is also to be added. The coolest interior feature coming is the idea to integrate an Ipad into the center console. I’m really looking forward to seeing that!

Upon reflection the BBS is a great choice.

The car looks great from every angle with the front just looking fantastic. There are just so many styling ques happening. From the lines of the carbon lip, to the 3 slatted inserts on the front bumper, to the way the light meets the grill in the same hexagon shape you find in the grill.


Carbon Fibre features on the front and rear of the car. A carbon fibre front lip can be seen on the front bumper and a rear diffuser in carbon fibre adorns the rear. The clean look continues with the smoothed out rear bumper. The GTI side skirts and the bottom of the wing mirrors are painted gloss black which is a theme that continues from the front fog light surrounds mentioned earlier.



One of my favorite features of this Golf has to be the yellow striping on the top and bottom of the grill. Usually when people do this they go completely mad. They will have done the grill, the wing mirrors and different parts of the wheels in a bright colour and turned it from a “oh I like that” to a “OMG! someone burn it!” modification. Change can be good but it has to be for the right reason, not only because it’s classed as “different”.


Just in case someone gets confused with the how low the car sits Neeraj has a plate explaining its dropped down stance. Most people seem to opt for airbags when it comes to this kind of suspension modification so it is nice to see a “juiced” car. People also like to moan about cars not having a static drop and that “air” or “juice” is cheating. Static drop cars are great but lets be honest in a country like Ireland its hardly practical now is it? Maybe I am just showing my age?


Neeraj has the stance just perfect with the combination of the Rayvern Hydraulics and the Custom BBS RS’ (18×8.5). Although the car does not sit completely on the ground with the BBS I think personally I prefer the car to have some “rake”.

All the static shots in the world are all very fine and well but…

…personally I love rolling shots and especially when its of a car as cool as this.

After shooting the car I have to admit to missing having my own juiced 106 on the road. The attention this car attracts is something else. Neeraj has certainly created an awesome looking Golf and to be driving this at seventeen I cannot help but hating him just a teeny weeny bit. I am really looking forward to seeing the Golf with its completed interior at shows in Northern Ireland in 2013.
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh