Its been one of those weekends. Takeaway was rubbish on the friday night, off work and nothing to do but watch Netflix and youtube on Saturday.

The weather was a bit Dreich and miserable to add to the depression.. Then Sunday came along, the DC5 came out and everything was good again.

Im one of the lucky guys who has a girlfriend with the same interests, and the DC5 in question is hers. Claire recently had an operation (the girlfriend) to her leg which has made it some what difficult to operate the clutch. So sadly the Integra has been sitting feeling a little sorry for itself… so to cheer it up we decided Sunday was the day to stretch its legs and take some photos!

£30 of Shells finest sorted us out with half a tank of joy and away we went. First headed over the Erskine Bridge, took the scenic route to Stirling castle, then onto the M9 to the Kincardine bridge, across the forth to the A985 and along to the location of this photo, North Queensferry. Its there that the heart sinking moment occurred when I realised I had forgotten my tripod, “NOOOO!!”. I made do with what I had though and ended up propping the lens hood against the Kerb stone of the pavement/sidewalk to get the one and only photo of the night. It did the job but I was kicking myself, I had wanted to use this location for a while and to not be able to make the most of it was annoying.

The construction of the new road bridge over the forth can be seen in the background, still without a name. It was nice to be able to stop and pay some attention to it, I’ve only really seen it in the past whilst crossing the old bridge. Reminds me of the Meiko Triton Bridge on the Isewangan expressway.. sort of.. if I take my glasses off.. hey its the closest Scotland is going to get to it anyway..

Words & Photos: Arran Morrison