When I visited home in early November it was with the sole purpose of seeing family as I had not been home since September 2014. The first week was a whistle stop tour of seeing those closest to me from home. Chris and Wayne, both very good pals, said “I suppose you have been out to the Dimma already?” thinking that that was a forgone conclusion and I surprised them both by saying “Honestly, I haven’t really thought of it”. This seemed to blow their minds! It even took my dad to say, a week after I had arrived, “Are we going to have a look at this car??”…. to which I replied “…’spose so”.

As we drove to the secret location I began to get very excited indeed! After this visit I came out to see it another two times! Once to show Wayne and the last as a “farewell” of sorts – quite sad I know! Anyway I have to say I am over the moon with how the car looks now in its Bianca White paint and I think the OEM front lights have made a huge difference to the car. People have said I should do the “Works” colours on it but that isn’t what I am after. It will get decals to break up the white for sure but what they will be well you’ll just have to wait.
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