RANDOM SNAP | A Lonely Snake


After being in New York City for a brief period, with the weather being amazing I decided to walk around before catching a flight back home to take in the sights once more. Being such a beautiful city, there was just so much to be taking in all at once. Until something caught my eye – something that I couldn’t believe I was seeing.What I saw right in front of me was my dream car, back to when I was just a child. It was just a moment of pure happiness. I stood there and stared at it for at least half an hour, words simply couldn’t describe this moment between myself and the car!


So what you are seeing here is a Dodge Viper SRT. Sure, it may not be everybody’s dream car, but for me there’s just something amazing about the classic blue/white striped combo, with aggressive styling and with a massive 8.4 litre V10 engine under that massive bonnet, they are seriously powerful! A point worth noting is that the Viper also has the the biggest production engine across the entire market. These cars are just special to me – and I must have one!
Words & Photos: Nick O’Connor