I am fond of this AE86 Corolla for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was the first “Twin Cam” that really changed my mind about how I look at this iconic shape. No more can I look at a 1986 Toyota Corolla and call it a “Twin Cam” as it will always be known as an AE86 in my mind. Chris’ car was the very first car I did a feature on and at the time it was for MotorMavens and the article was published on 8/6 Day back in 2011 which was a great moment for me personally and I would also like to think Chris got a kick out of it as well. We have of course featured the car on Autolifers and Reinis did a personal shoot of the car which truly blew both of my shoots out of the water!!
If you want, take a look at my first encounter with what remains to this day one of my favorite AE86’s – The AE86 World Corolla Levin.