THROWBACK | Ennis Through The Years


This time next week we will be in the throws of Round 3 of the Irish Drift Championship in Ennis. I thought it would be fun to look back over a few images from previous events there. Above is one of the coolest cars to compete in Prodrift, Eric O’Sullivan in his Rockstar F20C powered AE86, this is the same car as Brian Egan has now.


Above you can see Damien Mulvey and Gavin Lenihan “coming together” back in 2008.


Glen Maher and Darren McNamara also having an incident the same year.


Back in 2008 the final came down to James Deane and John O’Connell in his E36 M3 EVO powered E30.


I missed 2009 due to work. By all accounts it was one of the wettest events ever.
In 2011 Nigel Colfer and Chris Brady battled under the sunshine.


Alan Sinnott and Wesley Keating running hard.


James Deane in his Low Brain Drifters PS13 being chased down by Shane O’Sullivan.


I was also there in 2012 but due to a human/computer failure I have very few photos of it anymore. Remember kids, always backup your stuff straight away. Don’t wait until “later on”.
Mike Fitz and Kevin O’Connell coming towards an outside clip.


Alan Sinnott and Damien Shortt coming past the same clip.


Adrian Walsh and Brendan Stone running over the extremely dirty track.
Its all just over a week away now and we at Autolifers hope to see you there!
Words & Photos: Martin Cunningham