Did I catch your attention? No? Well, if that did not catch your attention I hope this GT500 will! Let us rewind 50 years, and remember the legacy of the American hot rod; the mustang. These years were the pinnacle of the muscle car movement in America. Big block v8s, smokin’ hot babes, hot rods….now they have become a collectible for many enthusiasts. The muscle car movement has faded away in time, with the rise of a dominant tuner car movement. Yet, Joe’s mustang reminds me of those days with a modern twist!




Well, you can’t just claim to break 1,000 WHP without seeing what is under the hood! Let me begin with the 4.0 Polished Whipple Supercharger, you can’t miss it. In order to accommodate this massive supercharger, a Cervini cowl hood Cobra R was needed. The authentic JLT carbon fiber intake, not only improves the air intake it adds a nice touch to the engine bay. The cooling needed to be improved as well, to ensure that was not an issue a Shelby 1000 intercooler was vital.


Carbon fiber has always been more of a Japanese/European style, but once again Joe’s mustang defies the norm. The Super Snake carbon fiber front splitter accents the Rohana RC10 wheels! A few years back, you did not have many options to apply a new color to your car. You could spend $1,200 and have you friend paint your car, and pray it turns it out the way you hope it would. You could go through a reputable shop, and be looking at a $5,000 paint job. There was no real medium, until vehicles began getting wrapped in, essentially a huge sticker, vinyl. Joe’s car is wrapped by a local shop, 5150 Wraps, in a custom matte metallic blue.


Unfortunately, with all the power in Joe’s mustang you will not be able to gain any traction with factory tires. The rear wheels are equipped with 305/30/20 Mickey Thompson ET Street tires. These tires make traction woes, a thing of the past! You might notice something that look a bit out-of-place; the blue balls. The exact feeling I had, when I had to drive my Toyota pickup home after shooting this GT500! I am not a fan of the  carbon fiber look, however I believe Joe added carbon fiber in all the right places. The rear spoiler is a carbon fiber gurney flap, and the rear diffuser is carbon fiber as well. Vinyl is becoming more and more popular, it is nice to see authentic carbon fiber parts.


The days when big block v8s were always naturally aspirated, are a thing of the past with the new muscle cars. The turbocharger systems nowadays are able to produce more impressive numbers; more efficiently. Yet, they do retain the classic old school tone of a big block v8. I was waiting for Joe to show up, before I even saw his car I heard it a mile away. The raw, aggressive and deep rumble of a monster roaring down the street.




I must say it was a pleasure, working with Joe and his mustang GT500. I normally am not a fan of mustangs myself, but this particular one definitely blew me away. The car itself is so simple, yet so powerful! Autolifers looks forward to seeing what Joe has planned for his car in the near future.

Words & Photos: Alex Tsatourian


  • Make
    • Ford
  • Model
    • 2013 GT500 Perf Pack Fully Loaded
  • Engine
    • 4.0 Whipple Supercharger Polished
    • JLT Carbon Fiber Intake
    • Bobs Oil Separators
    • Billet Engine Bay Bolts
    • Moroso Aluminum Expansion Tanks
    • Shelby 1000 Intercooler w/ Dual Fans
    • Dyno Jet Tune
  • Transmission
    • Spec Super Twin Clutch
    • MGW Short Throw Shifter
    • N2B Wot Box
  • Chassis
    • Eibach Sportline Springs
    • Hays Fays 2 Watts Link Rear End
    • Bobs Billet Lower Control Arms
  • Wheels
    • Rohana RC10 Satin Black
  • Exterior
    • Super Snake CF Front Splitter
    • CF Trufiber Side Splitter
    • CF Side Mirrors
    • CF Gurney Flap
    • CF Rear Diffuser
    • Custom Matte Metallic Blue Wrap
    • Cervini Cowl Hood Cobra R