So you own a R32 Skyline and you are looking to replace it with something 4WD, what are your options? Impreza? Evo? R34 GTR? Nope!, you get a Land Rover of course. Kyle was after something smart, a bit of a head turner but could manage to go across fields when on a shoot and have enough room for his dogs.


The Defender has been around for quite a while now in one guise or another and although it’s been updated over the decades with the likes of coil springs and a dashboard it’s still rather sparse compared to most other vehicles of the same age. Kyle needed to sort this out so he entrusted the guys at Twisted to make the cabin of his 90 a bit more plush and a nicer place to be day-to-day. He opted for their 7 day drive in service so one Monday he dropped it off with his wish list and the following one he picked up his fully sorted dream machine.



Most of their attention was spent inside where they fully sound proofed the cabin with Dynamat to reduce road noise and the hum of the 2.4TDCi engine which you normally find powering “White Van Man” in his Transit. To stop him sliding around he has some heated Recaro CS seats retrimmed in Napa leather, the dash is also trimmed in leather as well as various other panels to complete the executive touch. To finish off the inside there is a MOMO steering wheel that replaces the “bus” like OEM one.


9 detail


Outside it’s a bit more subtle with a set of Twisted 18” alloys wrapped in BF Goodrich’s finest and it sits an inch lower on Bilstein shocks and Twisted springs. Other than that there is a Twisted roof rack, a KBX grill and LED lights including the headlights. Everything is finished off with all the panel gaps sorted as being hand assembled sometimes they are not 100% in that aspect.



When asked about his Defender Kyle has this to say: “The main thing about a Defender is they are bomb proof! So it was only fitting to put it to the test leaving Belfast at 8pm we headed for Monaco and 30hrs later, non stop driving, we arrived, the start of a trip that took us through 12 country’s from +37 to -1 Celsius with no problems! Covering thousands of miles.”




As stated earlier the Defender has been around a while now and in the early days it wasn’t even called the Defender but were known as Series 1, 2 and 3 and referenced by a number which referred to the wheelbase. They still use that reference today hence the 90 which is joined by the 110 and 130. Production is soon to end due to stricter emission laws and other safety rules in some countries making the Defender not financially attractive to produce. A replacement is due around 2018 but no one is sure what it will look like or if it will even bare the Defender name.
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Words: Mark Ward
Photos: Reinis Babrovskis


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