The M3 has come a long way from the E30 in terms of power and technology but BMW have done a great job of keeping the spirit from its iconic 80’s DTM grassroots alive. Viney Chan is one of those guys who appreciates this! Using his E90 M3 as a tool to compete and set some impressive times around Knockhill Racing Circuit.


The way he drives takes you back in time to the aggressive golden years of DTM. After eagerly watching from the pit wall I jumped at the opportunity of doing a couple of laps around his local circuit as a passenger. Once belted up however, the only real reassuring comfort was the squeeze of the Recaro Pole Positions. Having watched him scream past inches from the wall of the start finish straight for the past hour I had no idea what to expect. After a warm up lap and a couple of quick ones I was starting to really appreciate his level of skill and the control he has, especially over his braking points (which, let me add, are nothing short of late!)


This is his 2nd M3, he owned an E92 a couple of years back before owning a Lotus Exige and Porsche GT3 for a while. Every car he has ever owned before that first BMW was given the same track derived specification. He started off building Japanese cars. A bright orange Toyota Supra, a big power R33 GTR Skyline and a Tommi Makinen Mitsubishi Evo are some of his better known builds.


A bit of a back injury along with the birth of his first child and the growth of his business made it more challenging to find the time and energy to live with and keep them maintained. These factors, along with the easy up keep of a relatively new M3 prompted his return to BMW. This time taking full advantage of the E90s extras doors, it also allowed him to kart his young family and expecting wife to and from the track.


Viney has managed to make his M3 very competitive whilst keeping his engine relatively stock, apart from a couple of bolt ons and exhaust mods. The SLS (Super Lap Scotland) series he competes in has strict power to weight restrictions which is the real reason the engine is as close to stock as possible.


The exterior of the car has been improved both aesthetically and aerodynamically from the help of a GT4 lip and GTS wing. The Volk TE37 fill the arches perfectly and look excellent with the chunky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. The wheels also help a great deal with lowering the unsprung mass whilst still allowing a wide tyre fitment.


The chassis modifications are really where he has stepped the M3’s game up. The diff is secured with Machnt Schnell solid mounts and that late braking is made later by the help of an AP Racing big brake kit. His current suspension setup comes in the form of a set of KW Clubsport coilovers which had been supplied and fitted by his sponsor and local performance garage, Automek.


After conversing with Viney over a couple of beers the night of taking these photos, he explained his dream was always to take the car to schirmer and have their full Kinematic kit fitted to bring it up to proper schirmer GT spec.


There’s no greater place to ring an M3’s neck out than the green hell. The Nurburgring is a dream road trip for any car lover and Viney was no different. To really test out the M3’s capabilities Viney packed his whole family into the car grabbed a group of mates and headed for Nurburg.


After some vigorous laps on the Nordschleife and great days with friends creating many memories there was one last place he wanted to visit before returning home.


If there is one thing to know about this guy is his seriously anal approach to alignment and track setup. This prompted a trip to Raeder Motorsport who carried out a full alignment which really tied the suspension together and finally made the car handle the way Viney had always wanted it to.


The M3 was ran throughout the summer this way and proved to be a great setup. It may come as a surprise however that Viney fancied himself a change and has since put the M3 up for sale to fund something new and exciting. Its was really cool hearing some of the stories Viney had to share. It really shows how passionate he is about racing and cars in general.


I will finish this up by thanking Viney Chan for having me in his home, the excellent choice of beer and overall hospitality. If you ever bump into him at the track be sure to say Hi, he’s a great lad with lots of useful advice.

I wish him the best of luck with his next project, I’m sure it will be equally as exciting and impressive!


  • Engine
    • Akrapovic EVO R exhaust
    • BMC filter
    • Evolve stage 2
    • Macht snhell intake charge scoops
    • GTS DCT software
  • chassis
    • kW clubsports
    • Macht snhell solid diff mounts
    • AP racing 378mm BBK
    • Pagid rs29
    • Volk TE37
    • 10×18 265-35-18 cup2
    • 10.5×18 285-30-18 cup2
  • Interior
    • Recaros SPG XL
    • Recaro side mounts
    • Macht snhell rails
    • Performance BMW steering wheel
  • Exterior
    • GT4 front splitter
    • GTS wing
    • Performance BMW lip spoiler
    Words & Photos: Arran Morrison