TORCHLIGHT | John Peden’s Juiced Alfa 156


The first thing I said to John the morning I arrived to shoot this car along with Graham Curry was “How does this even work?” to which John replied “I don’t know, it just does!”. Talking about an Alfa 156 diesel estate is never going to be very exciting is it? Alfa Romeo purists will straight away say it has the wrong engine but if you turn around and told them it had hydraulics in it, I am pretty sure they would spit their coffee out! I have mentioned in the feature about Neeraj Sharma’s MkVI, John Peden of Peden Conceptz is “thee” man in Ireland to get Air or Hydraulics into your car.




John bought the car as a daily driver as his other car (more on it later) was off the road and he needed something to be able to get around. The Alfa is a 2.4 Diesel estate that was black when John bought it but, as he said “… I remembered, I hate cleaning cars… especially black cars, wash….dry….polish…rain… repeat!”, thus it was painted white. John then installed the hydraulics but it was missing something…



The Compomotive MO’s are a rally wheel through and through and adding them to a juiced diesel Alfa does not work in an equation. However, the wheels (17×8) work so well on this car with the sharp edges and lines of the MO contrasted against the soft flowing Italian lines. In fact I would say you would be hard pushed to think of a wheel that would work as well.


The one thing I love about John’s work is his ability to come up with something that, on paper, makes no sense at all. Things that should never work in a million years but time and time again John proves us all wrong. Keep tuned into Autolifers as we’ll be featuring John’s “other car” along with some more features.

Words: Patrick McCullagh
Photos: Patrick McCullagh & Graham Curry