Recently we got the opportunity to spend a little time with this KP61 Toyota starlet away from its hectic pace on the track. Yes that’s right, track car. This tidy little KP is actually just that, a purpose-built track car with function over form. But it didn’t start its life like this…

If you are familiar with retro Toyota’s and especially the AE86 like we are here at Autolifers you will have heard of FLOS.IE, or more specify Flo Muller. Flo has built up quiet a catalogue of parts for the AE86 over the past couple of years, and what better way to test them than on his own track toy.

The car actually started off its life as a 1.3 automatic KP61 “LISSE” model and made its way over to Irish shores 10 years later.

Among other little extras from the factory the “LISSE” came with etched glass.

Bought for a princely little sum, Flo set about transforming the little “more door” Toyota into what we see here.

The 14″ SSR Mk1s hide Wilwood 4 pot brakes up front, which takes care of that forward stopping power. FLOS.IE Quick rack and extra lock spacer handle the direction all these go.

One of the predominant features on the KP is those forward mounted wing mirrors, visible from almost anywhere outside the car, they really start to grow on you. From inside they show you everything you need to see.

Chrome tint windows have a dual purpose of tying the car in aesthetically and concealing the purely functional interior.

As described the interior is functional, and just that. Custom dash and gauges, switches and all important warning lights. To be precise, nothing more than exactly what is needed.

Bride fixed back seats and Luke harnesses hold both the driver and passenger in place when bedlam breaks loose.

The 1300cc original engine was never going to be enough to do what Flo had planned so it was swapped out for the livelier 1600cc 4AGE blacktop 20 valve from an AE111 Levin BZR, but a swap like this is not so straight forward. The water lines have to be rerouted and this was done with FLOS.IE engineered water kit and cooled with their Aluminium rad and slim line fan. 70mm trumpets suck that ever vital cool air in through the engine and expel it out through the 4 branch manifold, custom exhaust and an APEXI rear silencer.

The engine transplant relays that new-found power through a Toda flywheel and Toyota clutch to the T50 gearbox controlled by a TRD short shifter and TRD Nylon gearknob.

All that put to pavement via TRD blue shocks and springs and those SSR MK1s wrapped in some ZEETEX rubber…

The thing about this car is its driven, there’s no need of rear bumpers here.

It’s not one certain thing that pops on this car, it’s a culmination of all the subtle touches that you only see after looking at it for a while. From the aluminium rear Aerospoiler right to the front blade splitter. Clear indicators from a Camry to a rare “Starlet” grill badge, and loads more. All in a tidy KP Starlet. Keep an eye out for this little gem at future retro track days and check out FLOS.IE for your Toyota part needs.
Words and Photos: Shane Ward