There is only one question and only one: How did I live 24 years without a red spyder? Seriously…

Thanks to Mazda Italy I have spent three weeks with the fourth generation of the Mazda MX5 and I had changed to a state of bourgeois euphoria driving along the Amalfi coast with my sweet half (not my CBR 600 F2, but my one and only girlfriend). However it was to be met by a profound depression after that twisty mountain road. The car is not mine. OK, but first things first…

I’d start by saying that this Miata/MX-5/Eunos (delete as appropriate to you) has everything I look for in a sporty car: two seats, rear-wheel drive and a respectable amount of BHP, so our relationship started very well. I tried the Exceed version, equipped with a 1.5L Skyactiv engine with 131 HP for slightly more than 1,000 kilos in running order perfectly distributed between the front and the rear axles: A perfect 50% – 50% weight distribution.

Thanks to a perfect set up the car does exactly what the driver wants, and it doesn’t happen by chance. The new Mazda was built following the Jimba Ittai (literally meaning “horse and horseman”) philosophy which foresees that the car is the natural continuation of the driver’s body. Simple, intuitive and perfectly balanced. The engine is powerful enough, but surely the 2.0 L version is for those who wants a more aggressive car. The thing that gets me is the fuel consumption: driving smoothly the Mazda ranges between 15 km/L (9.7miles/L) and 17 km/L (10.6miles/L), but even if you push the right pedal it won’t exceed the 11 km/L (6.8miles/l).

As I said, the Miata pushed me to gambling: I felt in love with that and I decided to try my luck with a scratchcard … “I win and I’ll spend 30,000 € for the 2.0 L Sport” I thought. Obviously I lost… The problem is that this car is absolutely awesome and I couldn’t quit using it!

Today in Rome is an incredibly warm and sunny day and also spending 40 minutes stuck in the traffic is not that bad with this car. How did I live 24 years without a red spider?
Words: Alessandro Roca (IG: @alesgreccio)
Photos: Fabrizio Stilo (@fabrizio3010) & Alessandro Roca


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