TORCHLIGHT | Owen Maguire’s Juiced 306


In the mid to late 1990’s the Peugeot 306 was the weapon of choice for many young drivers, Indeed my first car was a 1996 306 D-turboS and i loved it. My love affair stopped though once the 306 became known for being a bit of a joke in the car scene. I know quite a few of our readers will dislike what I have to say but I can only be honest when it comes to this subject. More often than not in Northern Ireland and more recently the Republic of Ireland a modified 306 consists of the following: cut springs (or no springs if you are really hardcore*, down 3 “nicks” at the back, painted (most likely with a brush that was used to paint the corners of the hallway) white wheels, a sunstrip/visor that comes 2/3 the way down your windscreen and to the pièce de résistance a website name that doesn’t mean anything or lead anywhere on the net. 🙁



I always believed that the 306 was a really nice car and had just gotten a bad name and I always wanted to prove it too. The Borbet A is one of my all time favourite wheels and I thought a set of 15″ Borbet’s on a sensibly lowered phase 1 GTI-6 in grey would look the ticket. The car above belonging to Owen Maguire proves that I was correct. Some of you will be shaking your head at me and thinking “What is Patrick talking about?” To me it would be an absolute injustice to mention this 306 in the same breath as the aforementioned rubbish we spoke about earlier. When this car popped up on my news feed a few weeks back I was delighted to see a 306 that was awesome looking and, dare I say it, not a Dimma 306!



Owen has long been a 306 fan and this car has seen numerous changes over the 3 years he has had it – mostly subtle wheel changes like Cyclones, Lions and, the dreaded, Volcanes to mention but a few. Owen didn’t have any serious plans for the car as he just wanted to enjoy it as a daily. However before you know it the little bits and pieces add up and you have added a host of subtle mods. The car is a 306 HDI and owning one myself I can tell you something you already know, they are not quick in any sense of the word apart from they are quick enough for you to have an accident in but I can do that on my bike. Owen has helped the car a little bit by adding a front mounted intercooler just for some difference. On the inside Owen has the Leaf half leather interior and a boost gauge. On the outside small additions are the Laguna Splitter and the 3 leg chunky spoiler along with Climar wind deflectors.



The Borbet A always looks best with the flat centre cap and strangely after seeing the 15″ Borbet’s on this car I really prefer the 17″ version. I think the size ties in better with the rest of the car as the smaller wheels in my opinion need a wider track and a arch like on a 106 GTI for it to work – much like on on the Peden Conceptz 106.


The hydraulic suspension was fitted by John O’Kane and the car sits just the way it should – no reverse rake here thank God! Reverse rake really is the absolute worst thing about the badly modified Peugeot 306’s in the country. Part of me doesn’t care that the owners have the cars so low that the car is undriveable. They are doing it for the look of it or the bragging rights to be the lowest but when what you do to your car ruins the lines and the design flow of the car then what you are doing is wrong. This 306 is doing it right!




For fun we pitted Owen’s HDI against my own. A huge difference! Being so low gives the juiced car such a long looking bonnet in comparison to the standard car.
Is the car perfect? No. I would have to be honest and say I do not like the Laguna splitter or the 3 leg spoiler on the rear but those two small things can’t take away from what the car means to me in a personal sense. The Astor Grey colour is rare and looks great in the sunlight, the stance of the car is just the way I would want it to be and the wheels in 17″ are the best looking wheel I have seen on a 306 yet. Owen has managed to redeem the 306’s street cred just that little bit and I thank him for that. It is up to the rest, not necessarily to follow suit and copy, but maybe take a leaf out of his book. Think for a second there has to be more than “3 nicks”, “60 saxos” and “a set of Volcanes will finish her lad” to modifying a 306.
Words & Photos: Patrick McCullagh
* – replace “hardcore” with “dumb”