TORCHLIGHT | Peach and Lemonade


At the Titanic Dubs show on Saturday I spotted these two very cool looking Golf’s which belong to two pals of mine, Steven Toner and Damien “Dee” McConville. I decided it might be a good chance to photograph both cars together with us having such an amazing location at the Titanic Quarter and with the addition of the great weather I couldn’t help myself.


Up until this point we haven’t covered enough of the VAG/Dub scene but we are determined to change that for the future. When it comes to the Golf I can always pick out a car from each of the eras that I would love to own so I could never say I was a MkII or Mk V only type of guy. There are so many stunning versions around that I personally find it very hard to choose between them.


Steven’s MkII Golf is a bit of an oddity to me to be honest. It is something that on paper I shouldn’t like but somehow it works. The tucked narrow stance at the front, the small bumpers and that orangey, peachy colour. I love cars like this because the question your thought process. To me a MkII needs to be at least a GTI and have the big bumpers but this car flies in the face of that – I love it.




The wheels look fantastic and the new paint job was completed over a weekend and looked pretty damn good for such a quick turn around. The colour just works with the small bumpers and single headlamp grill because with big bumpers and double lamps and this would not work at all in my opinion.


The GTI Colour Concept MkIII I like straight off the bat. It’s yellow and we all know that is the only colour to have your car 😛 . The great thing about this Golf is the minimal amount of modifying that is done to it. The Schmidt Modern Lines look great with the polished lip and white centre and Dee has added a VR6 front splitter to give it that completely slammed look and obviously the car has been wound down on coilovers.




I really love the simplicity from these cars. It just shows you you don’t need to spend crazy money to be able to enjoy the autolife and these two cars are perfect examples of that. Stay tuned for our coverage of the show over the next few days.
Words: Patrick McCullagh
Photos: Patrick McCullagh & John Moag