We like to try feature all sorts of car here at Autolifers, whether it’s rally, track, road car or classic. It’s great that there’s something for everyone in the scene.  Occasionally very rare or unique cars pop up, and this Toyota TE71  LEVIN is one worth checking out more of…


A rare enough car in Japan, this Limited Edition model of TE71 Corolla LEVIN is certainly even more rare in Ireland.  An 80’s classic.


With very close links to it’s brother the AE86 Corolla LEVIN, it shares some features, notably the grill emblem, and overall lines of the car.  Windows, rear quarter lines, and interior all relate to the AE86 in a way, but still unique enough on its own!


The exterior is original, with a few simple add-ons.  The fender-mirrors in chrome, Raybrig headlights, front under spoiler and Watanabe Wheels finish off the outside. With the colour scheme it all just screams ‘Retro 80’s Japan’.


The special part of this model TE71 is the engine. Yamaha built 1.6 DOHC, running EFI Injection (back in 1980).  Samco hoses and Greddy 4-1 Exhaust Manifold liven things up, pushing the power through a Fujitsubo Street Legal Exhaust system.


Greddy coilovers and a front strut tower brace complete the suspension and handling, with a Cusco 2-way LSD keeps things fun at the back.



They just don’t make them like they used to. I love the lines and shape of this car. It’s a head turner and guaranteed to draw attention no matter where it goes.  The lucky owner tells me it’s going for fresh paint to bring it up to 2013. That’s the only downside of such a dry, sunny country like Japan.  Part of me would even be tempted to keep it original like this for now. Nostalgic!



Watanabe wheels go with almost any Japanese car, especially from the 80’s.  This car has seen many changes though, from Hayashi Wheels, to SSR and Watanabe, and it looks good on them all.  The riveted front lower spoiler and mirrors set it off nicely too!


Inside of the TE71 LEVIN is like new.  You can always guarantee a well kept car in Japan will have a good interior also (usually).  This car genuinely has only 60,000 km and it shows in here.  Beautifully original with the exception of Nardi Steering Wheel and CD Player.


So something a little different, and not one you’ll see that often. I know I’m biased to old-school Japanese, so expect plenty more!
Words & Photos:  Chris Gray