VIDEO | Atsushi Kuroi Street Drift

Kuroi Atsushi is a name I’m sure many of you in the Drift scene are familiar with. If not, then you’re in for a lesson!  Sit back and enjoy this video that recently re-appeared online.  After this, you are guaranteed to be hooked and searching for more about Kuroi-San…


I will never forget meeting and seeing Kuroi-San for the first time, back in 2006.  It was at the first D1GP at Suzuka Circuit, Japan. To me these were the ‘peak’ days of drifting and I certainly won’t forget the sight or sound of Kuroi-San’s PS13 screaming over the crest at Suzuka, leaving a trail of smoke and smiles everywhere, not to mention the 100 Points Qualification.


Unfortunately the Drift scene lost this great Driver and character back in 2010.  It was a tragic accident and loss to family, friends and many fans.  At the ‘Team Fool’ Drift Day last year I was lucky enough to see the Team Toyo ‘Riverside’ PS13 back out in action for a rare Tribute.   I couldn’t help but think back to that day at Suzuka and pay my respects to Kuroi-San and his Silvia ‘One-Via’.

Don’t let those memories fade out.   It’s times like this I realise just how important the Car Scene really is.  It’s more than just Cars to many of us. It’s a culture, business, industry all held together by friends and family.  Now turn up the speakers and enjoy the Interview and Footage of Kuroi Atsushi and Chunky Bai by Signal Auto’s Kida-San.  I miss Nanko, Osaka… Stay Safe everyone…