BBS wheels are recognised as one of the leading vehicle wheel manufacturers worldwide. The company was founded by Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand in Schiltach, Germany back in the 1970s. Hence the acronym BBS (Baumgartner, Brand, Schiltach) was formed. BBS started out manufacturing forged race wheels and with their lightweight construction, great strength and obviously looks, they still remain popular in the racing industry today. The quality of their products didn’t go unnoticed and many marques including Volkswagen, Audi and BMW soon began to use BBS as OEM wheels for their road cars. That is enough of the boring background stuff on BBS but I actually found it quite interesting to research! On to the RS wheel….


The RS wheel was introduced in 1983 and first 3-piece wheel on the market. There are literally hundreds of RS models available, ranging in size from 14″(3 piece RS) to 20″ (RS-GT models). I had a look through the part number list for the RS, it starts at RS001 and goes all the way to 900+, pretty crazy!


You’ll often hear guys talking about “building” wheels and this applies to the RS more so than any other wheel. EVERYTHING can be changed on these wheels – barrels, dishes, centres and even the bolts. Actually the only thing that remains the same with 3 piece RS’s is the centres! The RS remains one of the most sought after wheels for VW owners mainly due to the fact that you can build them to basically any size.


It’s not just Volkswagen’s that host the RS wheel. Niall O’Dowds S24NCD Mini suits them down to a tee!


The RS came in a variety of stud fitments including 4×100, 5×114.3, 5×120 amongst others meaning that they can be fitted to almost any car. In fact, with wheel adapters becoming more readily available I’d say RS’s can be fitted to anything!


The RS wheel rolled out the factory in either a brilliant silver or gold finish, but many have refurbished the wheels in slightly less subtle colours! For example, this mx5 with colour coded centres.


RS’s look right at home in the smaller arches of this MarkII VW Golf


With so many new wheel manufacturers emerging its great to see so many cars sticking the BBS RS! It’s fair to say that the RS is a classic and indeed a timeless wheel. We look forward to seeing what cars will be sporting them this show season!
Photos: Aaron Creaney & John Moag
Words: John Moag