The Borbet A is probably my favourite aftermarket wheel design. There are very few cars that the design does not work on but with all deep dish designs it is imperative that the car is running some ultra lows whether that be via juice/air or a slammed static setup. The design has been in production for almost 20 years and is the longest running design that Borbet have which goes to show you what a quality design this is as it still works to this day on a variety of cars. What does it work best on though??…


In my opinion the wheel works best on the Mark II Volkswagen Golf. Before on Autolifers we have talked about the sharp lines of a wheel contrasting with the soft lines of a car. In this instance the sharp lines of the wheel compliment the sharp angular lines of the Golf. The Mk II Jetta also looked amazing with the Borbet A…


… as you can see from this sweet 2-door Jetta shot by sdobbins.com. After I had seen this Jetta Coupe I fell in love with them, it is such a well executed car. The Borbet A has become the real “go to wheel” for fans of the VW scene and there probably isn’t a wheel that gets put on to every Mark of Golf when you talk about the Borbet A like this Mark V shot by Michael Barry



…which looks like (correct me if I am wrong… EDIT: and I am. Apparently these are Modena style wheel, thanks Clark Caughey for pointing this out) it is rocking the 3-piece Borbet A like the one above. Also note the normal Borbet centre caps. I have always been a fan of the flat caps and you often hear people saying “Oh I’m changing to flat caps when I get the chance” which can be an expensive process but a process worth taking in my opinion.


Thought I better add in a MarkV with Borbet’s on it 😉 from AUTOFOTO by Ramsey. A


The Dub guys don’t have it all their own way though as we can see above on the 5-series BMW (cue the “There’s a 5 series in that picture?” – come on who thought it?? :)”…


…to Peugeot 306’s and a 5-door one at that! I have to admit I do like it though but maybe that’s the soft spot for 306’s that I have. There are of course loads more examples of the Borbet A on really unexpected cars like this Volvo 850 below…


…and I could literally could go on posting all the different types of cars that the Borbet A works on but I would be here all day. Just know that it works and it works well. A lot of people think the wheel is played out and that it takes very little imagination if you go out and choose a Borbet A for your Golf, Jetta or whatever other VW you have but I really think you cannot go wrong with it but there is bound to be a combination out there that just did not work. Let us know by posting a link in the comments below and tell us what you think.
Words: Patrick McCullagh