WHEEL WEDNESDAY | Hayashi Street


Another Wheel Wednesday, but a first time for me.  Being so heavily involved with the Japanese Tuning scene, let me introduce you to something a little different, but which has more influence than you may have known… The Hayashi Racing ‘Street’.


Hayashi Racing started in the early days of Japanese Racing.  Masakazu Hayashi was not only a very talented racing driver, but also a very important person in the research & development, and in particular wheels.  At a time when many were still running steel wheels, Hayashi-San developed his own aluminium wheels for his race car. A development that paved the whole future for the Japanese car scene.


The Hayashi Racing wheels continued to be used in many race series’ in Japan. Being designed by racers for the track. They became more and more popular due to their lightweight and being so easy to process. Not to mention the famous race cars winning while running Hayashi wheels.


As the wheels being manufactured by Hayashi spontaneously spread to the rest of the racing field, it was only a matter of time before the road going model was debuted. A wheel which would be given the name ‘Street’… for a road legal ‘Hayashi Street’.


Sizes got bigger and more varied and covered many different platforms to suit PCD stud pattern and personal demands.  It has rapidly grown in popularity over the last 20-30 years, quickly becoming many peoples favourite wheel, especially in the JDM scene!


However, the JDM Car scene is extremely diverse.  With the Hayashi Street being a simple, stylish design it wasn’t long before it found its way onto many other brands of Car.  It’s now loved by so many, and looks great on cars like the BMW Mini above.


Originally being an ‘old-school’ wheel, it’s still most commonly found on older cars from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s (showa-era in Japan).  To many this was the ‘original period’ .   They look awesome on cars like the Honda Shuttle above… with a modern ‘stance’ twist.


‘Old-School’ maybe, but the Hayashi Street is still being produced today and can be bought new.  This is mainly due to its popularity, as other models are now discontinued.   Being available new has made them an interesting choice for new cars such as the Toyota 86.


They’re the sort of wheels that are so cool, even if you don’t have a Car for them, you can always find a use either as a hose reel or ornament.


As a bit of a wheel collector myself, I have realised it’s an endless addiction, always seeking more and more rare wheels.  I liked the Hayashi Street so much I bought a set for my AE86 above.  They remain one of my favourite wheels of all time, but in a couple more weeks I’ll do another ‘Wheel Wednesday’, you can guarantee it’ll probably be something Japanese though.
Words: Chris Gray
Hayashi Racing Wheels Website (U.S.A English) *Click*