The Minilite and its design has been around for the last half century, having been conceived as a lightweight competition wheel for the new Austin Mini made out of magnesium. What a classic design it is too and it still lives on to this day under many different guises.


The 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S which was driven on the ’67 Monte Carlo by Rauno Aaltonen and Henry Liddon. The wheels look so small being just 10 inches. We can see the wheel on the famous Italian Job Mini’s as well…

Italian Job Minis Brum style Web Pic by CMW Imaging

As the Mini has progressed through the decades so has the Minilite. I use to think the really huge (well huge for the Mini) Minilite style wheel looked great on the later cars but that was when everyone was putting massive wheels on cars. I not so sure now and think the OEM look is better…


The wheel although originally designed for the Mini its design has been seen on other cars including competition cars like the Ford Escort RS1800…



and Porsche 911…


The wheel design has a close cousin known as the Superlite as can be seen on the AE86 Toyota Corolla above. The Superlite really is the wheel of choice for the UK-Spec Corolla fans. Although not a favorite of mine it does work very well on the car.


Revolution wheels also have their own take on the Minilite called the Minator and Peden Conceptz have it on this Peugeot 106 as you can see above. When I bought the car initially I had thought of changing the wheels but to be honest it was only so I could do something different with the car. They still look great!

With half a century of rotating inside many different arches who is to say the minilite won’t be still doing that after the next half century has come and gone?!
Words: Patrick McCullagh