This is the last instalment of the GTR wheel series of Wheel Wednesdays, the R35 GTR.



Since these wheels are a lot newer and rarer than any of the other GTR wheels, they’ve not made it to as many other cars just yet. Also due to their size they won’t suit a lot of cars. The fronts being 20×9.5 ET45 and the rears being 20×10.5 ET25 makes them too large for a lot of cars, I’m sure you can actually fit them but that doesn’t mean the will look alright on them.


Take the R32 for example. The wheels do physically fit but personally I think they look too big


With the R33 looking a lot bigger, they fit a bit better, again I still think they look very big but certainly an improvement over them on the R32.


I haven’t been able to find any decent pictures of them on a S14, they was the best I could get of a decent resolution. Again like the R33, they fit because the car looks big enough but I still don’t think they suit it.


This V35 Skyline just about pulls it off. Possibly because of them being black on this example along with the black/carbon accents.


The size of the 370Z shouldn’t work but due to the arch size it is well able to swallow them up.


This Supra is getting very close, the car is certainly big enough and the arches are capable of taking the wheels.


Now we’re starting to get the right idea with these. This JZX110 Mark 2 has much bigger arches and as such can take the wheels comfortably.


The Lexus GS300/GS450h works perfectly. Big car, big arches and low.




The Infiniti Q70 looks really well. I woulnd’t be a fan of the diamond cut look on the wheels but the car make sup for it.




I have a big soft spot for the Y24 Gloria / Infiniti M, like the GS above the VIP look just works with these wheels.


The Murano was a nice find. I think they work really well on it.

I think where we’ve ended up with these is a pretty unusla place. Coupé’s don’t really work as they’re just not big enough, remember that the R35 is huge in comparison to its older brothers. The wheel, while maybe not the first wheel someone in the VIP scene would look for certainly works well with the big car, big arch, low look.
Photos: Google
Words: Martin Cunningham